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Aug 30, 2013 - Pedestrian Accidents


By Jonathan Russell of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Friday, August 30, 2013. During the summer months, Pennsylvania residents and visitors to the state often enjoy activities outside. Furthermore, various events such as fairs, festivals and concerts will take place throughout the day and into the night. These events not only attract large numbers of patrons but will often cause delays and traffic in the area. Vehicles in the vicinity are either attempting to park or drive through the area of the event, usually in the midst of a crowd of people. This can be especially dangerous during the nighttime hours and could result in a seriouspedestrian accident. Following a pedestrian accident at a country music concert in northeastern Pennsylvania, authorities in Scranton arrested a driver they believed was connected to the death of the pedestrian that was struck while he was leaving the concert. According to the preliminary reports, the 33-year-old man was hit shortly after leaving the country music concert around 10 p.m. The man was transported to the hospital where he later died. A 23-year-old female driver was later arrested on suspicion that she was driving under the influence. The fatal auto-pedestrian accident is still being investigated and charges are pending at least until authorities receive the results of the blood tests conducted on the female driver. The loved ones of the deceased pedestrian could seek monetary compensation for their loss. They could file a wrongful death suit and recover a monetary award […]

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Aug 28, 2013 - Motorcycle Accidents


By Jonathan Russell of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Motorcycle Accidents on Wednesday, August 28, 2013. Driving or riding on a motorcycle is exciting. It is a common and legitimate hobby or form of entertainment for several Pennsylvania residents, and although the dangers of this activity are frequently stressed, numerous motorcyclists are seen all over the roadways. Nevertheless, when a motorcycle crash occurs, the biker and even their passengers can experience serious injuries and even death. Because motorcycles are small in size, these vehicles can often go undetected on the roadway. A recent collision between a truck and a motorcycle in Hatfield Township may illustrate this point. According to preliminary reports, the accident occurred around 6:20 p.m. when a motorcyclist was heading west on Welsh Road while a pickup truck was heading east on the roadway. It was reported that the truck driver collided with the motorcyclist when the truck made a left turn from Welsh Road into the driveway of a shopping center. When emergency crews responded to the accident, they transported the motorcyclist to the hospital for treatment. It was suspected that the man suffered broken legs and other upper and lower body injuries. It wasn’t reported whether the truck driver suffered any injuries. Investigators located the biker’s helmet where it came to rest in the driveway and indicated that the visor on the helmet detached in the accident. The motorcycle accident is still under investigation and no citations have been issued at this time. The cause […]

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Aug 23, 2013 - Wrongful Death


By Jonathan Russell of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Wrongful Death on Friday, August 23, 2013. When an accident occurs, it is important that proper investigation follows. This will ensure that the cause of the accident is understood the best it can be. Following a fatal accident, investigators seek to understand whether there was negligence associated. In a fatal automobile accident, investigators explore the possibility of driver negligence or failure to maintain the vehicle. Even if these are not the cause of the accident, other factors could create a cause of action for a wrongful death suit. Investigators in northern Pennsylvania are still trying to determine the cause of a fatal collision that occurred in February. According to reports, the operator of the passenger van was seeking to prove that maintenance issues were the cause of the accident that killed one and injured 15. The driver of the van was charged with aggravated assault and homicide by vehicle, but he seeks to show that there were maintenance issues. Furthermore, the driver indicated that he was given a route that was unfamiliar. Although the vehicles passed inspection, it was proven that there were maintenance issues. In situations like this, the loved ones of the deceased could file a wrongful death suit. Moreover, those injured could file a personal injury suit. In most situations, if negligence is shown, the driver may be held criminally and civilly liable. But if the driver can show contributory negligence, especially when the operator is […]

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Aug 21, 2013 - Motorcycle Accidents


By Jonathan Russell of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Motorcycle Accidents on Wednesday, August 21, 2013. Pennsylvania residents will often witness motorcycles traveling on the roadways. These small vehicles will travel short or long distances traveling from town to town and state to state. Motorcyclists that travel long distances could encounter some dangers on the roadway, especially if they do not wear a helmet. These small vehicles can easily go unnoticed if they are traveling in the blind spots of another vehicle. This could result in a motorcycle accident and could turn fatal. A 63-year-old man from Lancaster was traveling on his motorcycle in the region when an automobile in New Haven struck him. Authorities responded to the motorcycle collision on Route 15. According to reports, the motorcyclist was thrown off his bike due to the impact of the crash. He did not survive his injuries. The driver of the automobile veered off the road following the collision. This resulted with him colliding with several trees. The driver also did not survive his injuries. Officials are still investigating the accident in order to determine what caused the driver to collide with the motorcycle. The loss of a loved one in a fatal accident could lead to a cause of action by the family members of the deceased. In this case, if negligence was involved and the other driver was at fault, the family members of the deceased motorcyclist could file a wrongful death suit against the estate of the […]

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Aug 16, 2013 - Wrongful Death


By Jonathan Russell of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Wrongful Death on Friday, August 16, 2013. Accidents can happen for many reasons. When a driver is traveling late at night, for instance, they might be tired or fatigued. As a result, the driver may not be fully alert and have delayed reaction times. These factors could cause a driver to over correct, misjudge distance or even speed. This is not only dangers for the driver and their passengers but also hazardous or even fatal for other drivers and passengers on the road. Take, for example, a recent crash. Pennsylvania authorities are investigating a recent head-on collision involving two SUVs. The accident happened shorty after midnight in Wetmore Township on Route 321. Preliminary reports indicate that one of the drivers crossed the centerline on the roadway, which resulted in the crash between the two vehicles. When emergency crews arrived at the scene of the accident, the driver of one of the SUVs, a 19-year-old male, was pronounced dead at the scene. The other driver, a 35-year-old female, was transported to the hospital where she later died. That driver had two young passengers that also sustained serious injuries. Initial reports did not make it clear which driver crossed the centerline, but the liable driver could be civilly liable for the death and injuries of those involved in the collision. Since both drivers are deceased, a wrongful death claim and a personal injury suit could be filed against the liable driver’s […]

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Aug 14, 2013 - Pedestrian Accidents


By Jonathan Russell of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Wednesday, August 14, 2013. Residents in Pennsylvania witness locals and tourists walking near roadways on sidewalks and crosswalks. That proximity can create danger, especially when a pedestrian or driver fails to pay attention. Take, for example, a recent hit-and-run accident involving a pedestrian and a vehicle that is under investigation by Fogelsville police. According to the preliminary reports, the 33-year-old male pedestrian was attempting to flag down a vehicle for a ride. During that attempt, a vehicle that was presumed to have been traveling on the 309 on-ramp to Interstate-78 going westbound struck the man in the early morning The vehicle that struck the man fled the scene, but authorities that responded to the pedestrian accident recovered a mirror at the scene. Officers believe that the mirror may be from a van. They also suspect that the van that struck him might have damage to their front and driver’s side. Despite those leads, authorities are still trying to locate the vehicle and the driver. Following the accident, the male pedestrian was transported to the hospital for treatment for the injuries he suffered. Once the driver is located, in addition to receiving criminal penalties, the driver could face civil liabilities. The injured pedestrian could file a personal injury claim in order to recover compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation, damages as well as pain and suffering. Pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries or even death. This is why […]

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Aug 9, 2013 - Motorcycle Accidents


By Jonathan Russell of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Motorcycle Accidents on Friday, August 9, 2013. Pennsylvania residents witness various types of vehicles traveling on the roadways all over the state. Although more frequent in the warmer months, motorcycles can be seen traveling at all times and in different types of weather. Drivers will often encounter several motorcyclists traveling together, and in some cases, in a large group driving long distances. Whether driving alone or in a group, these small vehicles can sometimes go unnoticed and are more prone to accidents, which can be fatal or involve catastrophic injuries. Pennsylvania authorities recently responded to a multi-vehicle collision in Upper Dublin. The accident involving three motorcycles, an SUV and an automobile occurred near the intersection of East Welsh Road and Dillion Road at around 11:30 p.m. Emergency crews responded and found one of the motorcyclists dead at the scene. The two other motorcyclists were injured and transported to the hospital for treatment. There were no reports of injuries to the drivers of the SUV and car. Police are still investigating this fatal motorcycle accident and the preliminary reports do not indicate any suspected causes. The accident involved five vehicles, so any of the drivers could be liable. If that is the case all or some of those affected could file a civil suit to recover damages from the accident. The loved one of the deceased motorcyclist could file a wrongful death suit. This might result in compensation to recover funeral […]

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Aug 6, 2013 - Car Accidents


By Jonathan Russell of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Car Accidents on Tuesday, August 6, 2013. When Pennsylvania residents think of an accident occurring on the roadway, they often think of two vehicles colliding. Although it is common for car accidents to occur when vehicles directly crash into one another, automobile accidents can result from a variety of circumstances on the road, but are usually due to driver negligence. Pennsylvania authorities are investigating a recent accident that occurred in the eastern part of the state. The accident happened around 3:35 p.m. on Interstate 81 and involved a car and a van. Preliminary reports indicate that the van was being towed by a school bus. While traveling northbound, the van unhooked from the bus, crossed the median and entered into the southbound lanes of the Interstate. This resulted in the van colliding with an oncoming vehicle going southbound. When emergency crews responded to the incident, they assessed the scene and those involved. The driver of the car that was struck by the unhooked van suffered minor injuries Police are still investigating the accident. At this time it is not clear how the van got unhooked from the school bus. The driver of the school bus was not cited, but liability and negligence still needs to be determined. If the driver is found to be negligent for not properly latching the van to the bus, the driver could be liable for the damage from the accident. No matter how small, […]

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Aug 2, 2013 - Car Accidents


By Jonathan Russell of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Car Accidents on Friday, August 2, 2013. A recent tragic accident on Pennsylvania’s Golden Mile Highway left a mother and her 7-year-old boy dead and the father of the family in serious condition at a nearby hospital. Only the family’s toddler was uninjured. The family was driving when a pickup slammed in to the right side of the family’s car. The woman died at the scene of the auto accident, and the boy also died shortly after the crash. The cause of the car collision is still under investigation, but initial reports are that the driver of the pickup suffered some sort of sudden medical condition. As a result of that condition, he swerved out of his own lane of traffic and then brushed a third car before hitting the family’s vehicle. There is no report of any charges being filed in connection with this crash. However, while the driver of the pickup may have done nothing criminal or even “illegal” strictly speaking, this may not relieve him of his obligations to compensate for this tragic loss of life. All that these people or their relatives must show to establish the pickup driver’s liability for negligence is that the driver had an obligation to take reasonable care to avoid the accident and did not meet that obligation. In a case like this, it can be argued that drivers should make sure that they are physically able to operate their […]

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