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Apr 29, 2015 - Commercial Vehicle Accidents


On behalf of Peter Hileman of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Commercial Vehicle Accidents on Wednesday, April 29, 2015. When most people think of a commercial vehicle accident the first thing that comes to mind is a semi-truck or a tractor-trailer. However, it’s important to remember that just like their 18- wheel counterparts, the drivers of any “for hire” vehicle also require commercial driving licenses. These include taxi drivers and operators of commercial motor coaches, limousines and parcel delivery vans. The reason this is important is that many types of these commercial operations often have overlapping insurance arrangements. For example, the owner of a parcel service may have an insurance policy specifically for the driver. Simultaneously, that driver might have a separate policy for his or her vehicle. There may even be an insurance policy that covers the value of the parcels contained within the vehicle. You need to make sure that the attorney you choose to represent you in your legal action has the requisite experience to deal with these sometimes very complicated situations. Frequent readers of our online blog may recall a case of a food truck that exploded last summer. This is a good example of just how complicated these commercial truck accident cases can be. In that case, five victims received serious burn injuries and another seven were injured after a food truck exploded in Feltonville, Pennsylvania. You need a law firm that can deal with such a wide array of potential insurance disputes which […]

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Apr 24, 2015 - Pedestrian Accidents


On behalf of Peter Hileman of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Friday, April 24, 2015. It’s easy to understand why vehicle accidents that involve pedestrians are so dangerous. That’s because even a minor collision with a car, truck or SUV can leave those victims with serious injuries. With little or no protection, pedestrians are especially prone to injuries caused by distracted, drugged or drunk motorists. This is especially true when individuals on foot attempt to cross roadways at intersections. In many vehicle vs. pedestrian accidents, the drivers of the vehicles involved simply fail to see pedestrians in the crosswalks. One of the main causes of that is due to a lack of driver visibility. Other vehicles parked alongside the roadway and close to intersections make it harder for motorists to see pedestrians. This is particularly true when those pedestrians are entering crosswalks at the same time that drivers are stopped at the intersection and preparing to make a right turn. Currently, several cities across the United States have begun implementing new intersection designs, which are geared towards improving motorist visibility at intersections and reducing overall pedestrian accidents. One of the principal types of this strategy is known as a “neck down”. A neck down is really nothing more than a narrowing of a street as it approaches an intersection. This strategy forces drivers to reduce their speed as they come up to the light and stop for the intersection. Another city planning/engineering strategy to reduce pedestrian […]

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Apr 16, 2015 - Motorcycle Accidents


On behalf of Peter Hileman of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Motorcycle Accidents on Thursday, April 16, 2015. Most people have a good understanding that riding a motorcycle is inherently more dangerous than traveling in other motor vehicles. Per each mile traveled, federal safety experts say that 2011 statistics show that motorcycle fatalities were 30 times higher than the number of those killed in cars. One of the most obvious reasons for that is motorcycles simply don’t offer the same amount of protection as enclosed vehicles. Another important factor is the motorcycles relatively small size. When compared to other vehicles, it’s easier to see why the motorcycles smaller profile makes it easier for other motorists to overlook. A sad testament to the reduced overall safety of motorcycles compared to cars is that in 2013, at least 4,381 motorcyclists perished in collisions. The following are some interesting statistics about the dangerousness of motorcycle riding: — Head injuries are one of the more common occurrences in fatal motorcycle injuries. The use of a helmet has been statistically proven to be an effective life-saving device for motorcyclists. Despite the fact that only 19 states and the District of Columbia require motorcyclists to wear helmets, they are roughly 37 percent effective in preventing motorcycle fatalities. In fact, wearing a helmet prevented about 67 percent of motorcycle accident victims studied from suffering brain injuries. — Women motorcyclists who are passengers are exceptionally prone to fatal accidents. Statistics taken from 2013 indicate that 61 percent […]

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Apr 7, 2015 - Wrongful Death


On behalf of Peter Hileman of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Wrongful Death on Tuesday, April 7, 2015. According to Pennsylvania statutes, a wrongful death is one in which a victim died as the result of someone else’s wrongful, negligent or criminal actions. State law recognizes the fact that an accidental death often deprives a family of many things. First and foremost, the victim’s family is deprived of the emotional support and guidance the victim previously provided. This is often referred to as a loss of society or consortium. These types of losses can be especially hard for a victim’s young children to overcome. There is also the matter of lost income. In many American families, it’s necessary for both parents to work full-time in order to cover their day-to-day costs. The wrongful death of a primary wage earner often leaves the family of the victim scrambling to make payments on mortgages, cars, insurance deductibles, tuition and more. Fortunately, Pennsylvania laws allow the estate of a wrongfully killed person to sue those responsible for compensation of those losses. Obviously, no amount of money can ever replace a family member. However, a wrongful death lawsuit can go a long way towards helping to provide for the financial support and future needs of spouses and children left behind. One of the largest hurdles family members often face in wrongful death lawsuits is establishing liability. A good example of this can be found in a previously written article on our blog […]

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Apr 3, 2015 - Premises Liability


On behalf of Peter Hileman of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Premises Liability on Friday, April 3, 2015. Most of us are familiar with the term “slippery when wet”. Yet few of us know the scientific role that friction plays when liquids interact with certain surfaces. For example, a normally slip resistant marble floor can instantly become a slip hazard with the addition of just a few ounces of water. The answer is friction, or more specifically, the coefficient of friction or COF. The coefficient of friction is the metric that safety experts use to gauge the slipperiness of flooring. Put simply, the COF of a particular surface represents the amount of resistance a human foot might encounter as it moves across that floor. Safety experts today use sophisticated devices to measure a floor’s horizontal resistance to vertical downward force. To get some context on this, let’s compare the COF of ice to a swept concrete sidewalk. For ice, the typical COF is 0.3, whereas swept concrete has a COF of 0.8. Premises liability is a legal concept that generally stands for the proposition that property owners have a duty to exercise reasonable care when maintaining the safety of their properties. This level of care increases depending on how the property owner uses his or her property. For example, the owner of a grocery store might be expected to mop up any milk spilled in the dairy aisle during normal business hours. However, that duty will likely diminish once […]

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