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Jun 24, 2016 - Car Accidents


On behalf of Peter Hileman of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Car Accidents on Friday, June 24, 2016. A student from East Juniata High School in McAlisterville, Pennsylvania, was involved in a car accident, suffering head injuries that forced doctors to put him into a medically-induced coma. The accident happened on May 22, and he was under for six days. When he woke up, the young man realized that his entire high school class had graduated without him. It had happened on May 25, just three days after the accident. When the staff and students at the school heard how disappointed he was that he’d missed the big day, they decided to throw him his own graduation ceremony. Most of the class came back — about 50 out of 80 students. They put their graduation caps and gowns back on. The staff came back to run the program, including giving speeches. The young man and his family were there. Only a single name was called at this second graduation, but it gave him a chance to walk across the stage and get his diploma just like everyone else. As the principle spoke, he noted that his original speech had mentioned the value of perseverance. He said that the reason the young man was there that day was also due to perseverance. After the announcement, the students circled up around the young man and they all threw their hats into the air. He said that he was speechless, unable to […]

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Jun 17, 2016 - Wrongful Death


On behalf of Peter Hileman of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Wrongful Death on Friday, June 17, 2016. If you think that stress isn’t a big deal, it’s very important to consider what more and more medical experts have found: That stress itself can be deadly. Now, a small amount of daily stress is to be expected. However, when exposed to too much stress, for too long, it can cause serious problems and even take lives. For one thing, stress can cause the human body to deteriorate. Studies have even shown that illnesses like cancer are more likely in those who are stressed. Their bodies are falling apart, their immune systems aren’t working as well, and they’re more likely to get sick. This is true for things like the common cold, as well. A very high level of stress could lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, commonly known as PTSD. This has been tied to all sorts of issues, such as depression and even suicide. More the most part, though, the stress is quite literally on the heart. Your blood pressure can go up and your heart rate can increase. The body produces more adrenaline, or epinephrine. In some cases, this means that stress can be directly linked to lethal events, like heart attacks and strokes. It can also cause heart disease, which could in turn lead to these deadly conditions. Have you lost a loved one who was being unfairly and deliberately exposed to a very stressful situation? Do […]

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Jun 10, 2016 - Wrongful Death


On behalf of Peter Hileman of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Wrongful Death on Friday, June 10, 2016. If one of your family members was injured — a spouse, for example — he or she may have been considering a personal injury lawsuit. For example, if negligence by an employer led to a workplace accident that severely injured your spouse, more than simple workers’ comp could be in play. However, what can you do if your spouse passes away before the lawsuit begins? Below are a few things you must consider. First and foremost, the cause of the death is incredibly important. If your spouse passes away due to his or her injuries, perhaps while getting care at a local hospital, you may now be able to start a wrongful death suit against the employer on the behalf of your spouse. It won’t matter that the personal injury lawsuit did not begin yet. This can be tricky to prove in some cases. For example, your spouse could have a heart attack while in the hospital. The employer may claim that the heart attack would have happened anyway, that it was caused by years of poor diet and exercise. You may believe it was caused by the stress and trauma of the injury. Showing exactly why it happened is crucial to the case. Even if your spouse died from an unrelated event, though, you may still be able to move forward with the personal injury lawsuit. In most cases, you […]

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Jun 3, 2016 - Pedestrian Accidents


On behalf of Peter Hileman of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C. posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Friday, June 3, 2016. Many laws have been put in place in Pennsylvania to keep pedestrians safe, some of which focus on those people and some of which focus on the traffic around them. Below are a few key laws to know. — If one car stops to let a person go across the road in a crosswalk, all other vehicles have to stop as well. This is to prevent a following car from trying to pass, not seeing the person and hitting him or her in the crosswalk. It is important to note that this applies in multi-lane streets, so drivers in the next lane have to stop even if no traffic is stopped directly in front of them. — If there are control lights for the pedestrians telling them when to walk and when to stay on the sidewalk, they have to follow those controls. They should not cross against the signal, even if it looks clear to them. — If there aren’t any light controls for the pedestrians, though, the pedestrians then have the right of way. If they are in the crosswalk, the vehicle has to wait for them. — There are unmarked crosswalks. Drivers are responsible for knowing where these are and have to give the right of way to the pedestrians, even if they are not within any white or yellow lines. — Similarly, it is assumed that a […]

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