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Dec 28, 2012 - Wrongful Death

At first read, this story sounds like something that cult film director Quentin Tarantino might come up with. He came close in a movie called “Death Proof,” about a maniacal stunt car driver who deliberately smashes into things to kill a female passenger, but this is real life. A 19 year-old Elizabethtown man is accused of driving at over 100 miles per hour into a guardrail and critically injuring his 17 year-old girlfriend, then suffocating her by sitting on her head. The crash happened earlier this month and it took until now for police to assemble the evidence and determine the girl’s death was caused deliberately and not an accident at all.

This is what police think happened at 2 AM on a Ralpho Township back on December 4. After learning that his girlfriend might be pregnant, the man took off in his car with her at a high rate of speed, and deliberately plowed into a guardrail at an estimated 100 miles per hour. She was badly hurt. A truck driver came upon the scene shortly afterward and saw the girl hanging out a window shouting “Get off of me.” The trucker called 911 and the operator told him not to move the victims. Police arrived and found the girl face-down on the ground with the man sitting on top of her head and torso. He pretended to be unconscious. But a medical check later found the man was faking. An autopsy found the girl died of trauma and asphyxiation.

This was not a match made in heaven. Police say the man liked to scare the girl while driving and repeatedly threatened to kill them both in a crash. Another witness said the suspect liked to push the victim into walls, and once threw her down some stairs. He was charged in May with running over the girl’s foot, and distributing sexually explicit pictures and videos of her. Court documents politely describe the relationship as “on-again, off-again.”

The driver is charged with murder, driving offenses and drug offenses. Police found marijuana, cash, pills and an air pistol in the wreckage. The medical examiner concluded “the cause of death is consistent with someone sitting on (her).” Authorities say the driver was wearing a seat belt and was not ejected, meaning that he walked over to the victim and deliberately sat down on her. The suspect has also earned the dubious distinction of being the first driver in Lancaster County’s history to be charged with murder. Police won’t confirm the reported pregnancy.

Source: GA Daily News, “Pennsylvania man suffocated pregnant girlfriend by sitting on her,” Lena Sullivan, Dec. 27, 2012

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