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In Easton, Pennsylvania, you may sue and recover damages from a healthcare professional in a medical malpractice action if you can show that the defendant’s medical negligence caused your injuries.  Despite the fact that most healthcare professionals are well-intentioned in their provision of care, the reality is that the actions of some healthcare professionals violate the duty of care and.

For example, if you suffer a serious, body-wide infection because one of the treating healthcare professionals failed to properly sanitize surgical equipment before a procedure was conducted on you, then you would likely be entitled to recover for medical negligence, even if the defendant did not intend to cause harm.

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There are several considerations to keep in mind as you explore the possibility of bringing a medical negligence claim in Pennsylvania.  Consider the following.

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The Standard of Care is Dynamic

A healthcare professional will be found liable for medical negligence if you can show that they have not met their standard of care, and in violating that standard of care, they caused you to suffer injuries.  The standard of care is dynamic depending on the circumstances.  Generally speaking, the standard of care is based how similarly situated healthcare professionals would have acted.  As such, the training and experience of the healthcare professional and the nature of the patient’s illness or injury are considered when determining the applicable standard of care.

Who is Eligible to be Sued?

Doctors are not the only healthcare professionals that can be sued for medical negligence.  In Pennsylvania, any licensed professional (or entity, such as a hospital) that provides medical services can be held liable for medical negligence.  For example, you can hold your nurse liable for medical negligence if they violate the standard of care when treating you.

Pennsylvania Has No Primary Damage Caps

Easton, Pennsylvania, unlike many other states, does not have economic or non-economic damage caps for medical malpractice claims.  Medical malpractice litigation can be rather expensive, so the lack of damage caps means that you’re much more likely to secure effective representation.

Keep the Statute of Limitations Deadline in Mind

The statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims (including those involving an assertion of medical negligence) is two years from the date that the injury was discovered, or that it should have reasonably been discovered.  If you fail to file your claims by the deadline, you will be unable to recover.

Consult With an Easton Medical Negligence Attorney Today

Medical malpractice claims are fundamentally challenging to successfully litigate, for a variety of reasons.  Though Pennsylvania does not have damage caps (except on punitive damages) for medical malpractice claims, which can alleviate some of the financial stresses typical of medical malpractice litigation — as a variety of medical experts will have to be consulted and will likely testify — there are other concerns, too, such as proving that the healthcare professional at-issue has actually committed medical negligence, and overcoming the substantial resources and reputation of the defendant, which can bias the jury against you.

Successful litigation of a medical malpractice claim requires the aid of an attorney who has years of experience handling such claims, and obtaining favorable results.  Call (888) 777-7098 to get connected with one of the experienced Easton medical negligence attorneys here at Drake, Hileman & Davis, PC.  During your free initial consultation, we will assess your claims and answer any questions and concerns you may have regarding litigation.

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