It is the responsibility of cities, states, counties and agencies such as PennDOT to keep roadways in a reasonable state of safety. This does not mean they are at fault for every accident that happens, but they are obligated to take reasonable measures to protect motorists from various harms.

This responsibility also extends to businesses working on or maintaining the roadway, and to any party who causes the roads to be unsafe. When parties fail in this duty, they may be held accountable for compensation.

These laws are complex and have been fought up and down the court system for years. Choose a firm that has handled cases at both the county and federal levels, and that understands how the law will apply to your unique situation.

Dangerous Road And Construction Zone Accident Injuries

Classic unsafe roadway conditions include:

  • Construction dust and debris obscuring the highway
  • Failure to close road during undriveable weather
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Inadequate traffic lights, stop signs or yield signs
  • Intersections where violent crashes are frequent
  • Falling items from PennDot or other government vehicles
  • Malfunctioning safety equipment
  • No barriers separating lanes during construction
  • No guardrails on dangerous curves
  • No notification of construction underway
  • Poor drainage causing buildup of rain or slush
  • Signs obscured by foliage
  • Soft shoulders
  • Spilled cargo left on the highway
  • Stretches of highway known for collisions
  • Unsafe rail crossings
  • Weather damage to roadway that was not repaired

Our firm brings claims against whatever party’s negligence led to your injury. This may be another driver or the governmental entity that maintains the roadway. Our lawyers stay abreast of all developments in the personal injury field, including the potential pitfalls of filing a claim against a state or city with immunity defenses.

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