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Mar 27, 2013 - Motorcycle Accidents

The aftermath of an accident can be tragic and could involve a lengthy recovering for the victim of the incident. The injuries involved in amotorcycle accident can be serious and often fatal. The safety features involved on a motorcycle differ from those included in an automobile. When a motorcycle crash does occur, the chances of a driver or passenger on the bike being thrown off is much greater than a driver or passenger being tossed outside of a vehicle. Wounds such as brain injuries, broken limbs and road rash often result in motorcycle collisions. Because these vehicles are smaller in size, they can sometimes co unnoticed by some drive, particularly if the motorcycle is driven in or near a blind spot. This makes is especially important for all drivers to take caution when changing lanes.

A New York woman is still recovering over a motorcycle accident that occurred over a year ago in Pennsylvania. The accident happened when a tractor made a sudden turn in front of her. This caused the woman to be thrown into the air, and it was purported that her leg was still attached to the bike due to it being stuck in the front spokes. This ultimately resulted in her losing her right leg. The people who initially stopped for her accident happened to be a doctor and then a nurse. She considers herself very lucky and she was able to receive full medical treatment when she was transported to a hospital.

The woman is still recovering and undergoing medical treatment and physical therapy in order to regain the ability to get around. A person injured in an accident like this could endure serious hardships such as financial burdens. A personal injury suit could help cover the expenses endured from the accident. Medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and pain and suffering could be covered by the compensation awarded from the suit.

No matter what type of vehicle that is driven, it is important the divers follow the rules of the road. Watching speeds and yielding to other drivers is crucial and could reduce the chances of an accident occurring.

Source:, “Woman loses leg in motorcycle accident,” Rich Newberg, March 20, 2013

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