How to Choose the Best Top-Rated Law Firm or Lawyer Near Me?

There are very important characteristics that make a law firm or lawyer the best fit for your particular case.  While all attorneys in Pennsylvania are required to have graduated from an accredited law school and passed the state’s bar exams, being admitted to practice law does not imply that a lawyer is the best lawyer for your particular case.  All lawyers are obligated to provide competent legal advice but at Drake, Hileman & Davis, we expect more from our attorneys.

At Drake, Hileman and Davis our attorneys demonstrate four characteristics which set them apart as top-rated attorneys :

  • Client Focused. we are dedicated to you and your legal needs, with our legal services delivered with your specific issues in mind.  We do not practice a “one size fits all” approach to the law.  We see each new client as an individual with unique goals and objectives.
  • Communication. Open and honest communication is what we seek to achieve.  You should be able to speak with your lawyer and your lawyer should make efforts to communicate important changes in your case on a regular basis.
  • Learning. Good lawyers will continue to learn long after they have finished law school.  The attorneys at Drake, Hileman and Davis have a passion for the law and continue to be life-long learners.
  • Resourceful. Not every case can move from Point A to Point B with ease.   The attorneys and support staff at Drake, Hileman & Davis understand and manage how your goals can be obtained through different strategies and techniques, if and when roadblocks or obstacles are encountered.

At Drake, Hileman & Davis, we believe that we can be better than good and we work hard to be the best.  Let us show you why we believe that the attorneys at Drake, Hileman & Davis are the best — contact us today at 888-777-7098.

What Makes Drake, Hileman & Davis, the Best Top-Rated Personal Injury Firm Near Me?

What makes your lawyer at Drake, Hileman & Davis, the best personal injury attorney near you?  We believe that our lawyers love what they do and care deeply for our client’s needs.  We would encourage you to look at the testimonials regarding what our clients have said about their experience in allowing us to handle their cases.   In addition to these testimonials, look at our Google Reviews.  When you retain the services of Drake, Hileman & Davis for you legal needs, you can expect the following:

  • Knowledge. Our lawyers have extensive legal experience and we have represented thousands of personal injury clients who have suffered injuries due to another party’s negligence.  Rarely is there a legal issue presented to us which we have not previously handled.
  • Confidence. Our dedication, knowledge and training gives us the confidence that we can properly move your case toward resolution, whether by settlement, mediation, arbitration or trial.
  • Details. We also believe that our attention to detail sets us apart from other lawyers.  We have caught issues that other attorneys have missed and take pride in knowing that we serve our clients best by not only looking at the big picture, but the small details as well.
  • Availability. If you allow a Pennsylvania accident lawyer with our firm to represent you, then we will be available to answer all your legal questions surrounding your case.  While we can communicate via telephone, fax, email, or text messaging, we also have a local office to meet with you in person.  Additionally, we are able to meet with you in the convenience of your home or hospital room, when the situation requires.  We have a twenty-four (24) hour answering service and seek to return all communication in a timely manner.
  • Team approach. When we take on your case, you not only have an attorney as your advocate, but you have a litigation team in your corner.  You will have an assigned paralegal, as well as an administrative support person to move your case forward quickly and efficiently, as well as to assist in the communication process.
  • No-Fee Representation. All personal injury cases are taken on a contingency-fee basis: you pay us nothing unless we recover for you.

At Drake, Hileman & Davis, we believe we have some of the best accident lawyers ready to work for you.  Please contact us today to 888-777-7098 for a free consultation and case review.

How Can I Contact the Pennsylvania Accident Lawyers Drake, Hileman & Davis?

Contact the Pennsylvania accident lawyers at Drake, Hileman & Davis, by calling 888-777-7098 or visit us online.  We will help you obtain the compensation that you deserve for the injuries you have suffered.  Call us today to discuss your case.