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Given its proximity to the ports of New York and Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley has quickly become the nation’s second largest “inland empire” for freight and big-box warehouses. Without a regional rail system, the highways and roadways in and around Bethlehem are more heavily traveled than ever before. With this increased volume, comes increased car accidents.   Interstate 78 has become the primary distribution network for the transportation industry. Rarely is there a day that we do not have some sort of car, truck or motorcycle accident on Route 78, Route 22 or Route 378.

Of the three major cities in the Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem is unique because half of the city is in Northampton County and the other half is in Lehigh County. When a car, truck or motorcycle crash occurs in Bethlehem, it is important for lawsuit filing purposes to know whether the accident was in Lehigh County or in Northampton County. With offices in both county seats, the team of personal injury lawyers at Drake, Hileman & Davis are uniquely capable and qualified to assist our clients through the litigation process regarding motor vehicle accident claims.

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Injuries Sustained in Accidents

One of the most common injuries we see is a back injury or a neck injury. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, more than 35% percent of spine injuries are caused by car and motorcycle accidents. The reason for this is due to the whipping motion to which the spine is subjected, in such crashes. Because of the body’s position in a car, an unusual amount of force is placed on the muscles, ligaments and facet joints of the spine. Unfortunately, the results of an impact to the neck, back and spine can be both painful and permanent.

If you are involved in a car accident involving injuries, including injuries to your neck, back and spine, you need a law firm equipped with the skill and expertise needed to successfully navigate your claim through the litigation process. At Drake, Hileman & Davis, our attorneys have been helping those injured in Bethlehem and the surrounding Lehigh Valley for over 30 years.

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Recovery of Medical Expenses

Under Pennsylvania Law, first party benefits, also known as PIP (Personal Injury Protection) benefits are provided under your own insurance policy, even if the car accident is not your fault. This is what the law refers to as “no-fault”. However, no-fault does not mean that you cannot recover for your medical expenses, it just means that you must first process your medical bills through your own insurance carrier. After your auto insurance has exhausted its benefits, then your medical bills would be processed under your own health insurance. If you do not have health insurance, then your bills would need to be made part of what is called your “third-party” claim against the tortfeasor (the person who caused the accident).

The difficulty in resolving a motor vehicle accident claim where your own health insurance has paid for some of your medical care is that depending on the nature of the health insurance plan, the carrier could have a right to be repaid out of any recovery you receive from the responsible party. This is one reason why it is extremely important to have a knowledgeable accident attorney to represent you in your car accident claim.

At Drake, Hileman & Davis, we have the skills to determine the nature of your health insurance policy and whether there is an enforceable right of reimbursement. In each case involving health insurance payments, we review the policy, in light of Pennsylvania Law, in order to determine if any alleged right of reimbursement is enforceable. In many situations, the personal injury lawyers at Drake, Hileman & Davis have been able to significantly reduce or entirely eliminate such liens.

How Much Is My Injury Claim Worth?

There is no exact science to evaluating a personal injury claim. In many cases, however, a starting point is the economic losses and harms that have been sustained. Economic damages include excess medical expenses or expenses that private health insurance has a right to be re-paid. It also includes future medical expenses that can be reasonable anticipated, as well as past and future lost wages. In addition to economic losses and harms, an injured party is entitled to be compensated for what the law refers to as non-economic damages. These losses and harms include, pain and suffering, loss of life’s pleasures (recreational activities that have been affected), scarring, disfigurement, humiliation and embarrassment, as well as a loss of consortium (relationship between spouses) if applicable. The total value of a claim depends on all of these factors together with the venue. In the case of a Bethlehem injury claim there is perceived to be a slight, but not a marked difference in value between Northampton and Lehigh Counties.

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