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Every year, thousands of patients are injured by the medical professionals who acted negligently. Patients should expect their medical professionals to act reasonably and have the patient’s best interests in mind. When they do not, we are here to help. Contact one of our Doylestown medical negligence lawyers today to discuss your case.

What Is Medical Negligence?

When a medical professional in Doylestown acts in a careless or reckless manner and causes you harm or creates further injury they may have committed medical negligence and should be held liable for the harm they have created. There are some basic things that must be proven to demonstrate a medical negligence claim:

  • Duty of Care. The first element of medical negligence claim is that the medical professional had a duty of care towards you or your loved one. For example, the surgeon performing your surgery would have a duty of care towards you, but a surgeon operating on another patient would likely not. The duty of care usually arises when the medical professional begins treatment on a patient.
  • Breach. The second element of a medical negligence claim is a demonstration that there has been a breach of duty of care. A medical professional may act quickly or even somewhat irresponsibly and still not have breached their duty of care towards their client. The law recognizes that medical professionals cannot be expected to be perfect.
  • Causation. The third element that must be demonstrated is causation. This means that it must be shown that the medical professional’s breach of their duty of care towards their patient is what caused the patient injury. For example, a surgeon who negligently removed the wrong leg would not likely be responsible for headaches caused by something else entirely.
  • Harm/Damages. Finally, it must be demonstrated that there was a harm recognized by the law that was caused by the medical professional’s negligence. For example, a slight discoloration of skin may result from a medical professional having negligently applied a cream, but it is not the type of harm that would be recognized under the law.

The medical negligence lawyers at Drake, Hileman & Davis, PC can explain each one of these elements in greater detail and help you through the entire legal process. We can be reached online or by calling 888-777-7098. We look forward to discussing your case.

Common Types of Medical Negligence

The list of ways in which a medical professional can negligently interact with a patient is lengthy. Some of the most common types of medical negligence include:

  • Failing to diagnose symptoms, or misdiagnosing a patient’s symptoms can be a form a medical negligence.
  • Inadequate preparation for treatment or surgery can also give rise to a medical negligence claim. If a medical professional fails to stay current with medical practices or fails to educated his or herself about the patient’s condition, then medical negligence may have occurred.
  • Misuse of medical tools, or failing to properly maintain and clean medical tools can cause serious infections or injury to patients which may lead to medical negligence.
  • Improperly treating or operating on a patient is one of the more common types of medical negligence. Medical professionals are expected to act prudently and thoughtfully when dealing with a patient.

There are many other ways in which a medical professional may have negligently treated his or her patient. Often it is important to identify that something has gone wrong and let our team of legal and medical professionals identify who is responsible.

Seek immediate competent medical attention if you believe that you have been harmed by the negligence of a medical professional. Your health is most important. After you have received appropriate medical assistance, then contact us to discuss your case.

Contact the Doylestown Medical Negligence Lawyers at Drake, Hileman & Davis, PC

The Doylestown medical negligence lawyers at Drake, Hileman & Davis, PC are here to help you through the entire legal process. We believe in fighting for the injured and we are here to help you and your family. Contact us online or by calling 888-777-7098 today to discuss your case.

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