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Allentown Dog Bite Attorney Explains Who Is Responsible For A Dog Bite

Video Transcript

Jeremy: Is a good boy. This is Jaeger, he’s a good dog. He’s never attacked or bitten anyone, but sometimes even a good dog like Jaeger to family and friends can be dangerous to strangers. See you, guys.

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Jeremy: I’m Jeremy Puglia, one of the trial attorneys at Drake, Hileman and Davis. We’ve been handling dog bite cases for more than 25 years and we’re ready to help you.

Pennsylvania law is clear about the duties of dog owners. If the owner violates the law and someone gets bit by their dog, they are responsible for that bite. For instance, a dog must either be confined in the owner’s home or firmly secured by a collar and a leash, where at the very least, under the owner’s control.

We’ve all seen dogs running loose. It could have escaped from its home when the owner opened the front door or it could’ve pulled itself off its leash. It doesn’t matter, if it’s off the leash and not under someone’s control, the owner will be responsible for a bite. Take Jaeger for example, he was off his leash. If someone should walk by when he’s playing and Jaeger attacks and bites him unprovoked, Tricia, his owner, will be responsible for that bite.

Many dog bite victims don’t know that, and the owner of the dog and the insurance company usually refuse to take responsibility. That leaves you the innocent victim with medical bills to pay and permanent scarring on your body, and that’s just not right.

Male: The law used to allow every dog one free bite. Essentially owners would be off the hook the first time their dog bit someone. But that’s not the case today. Today even a first bite, even from a friendly dog like Jaeger can lead to a recovery. But you need an attorney who knows how to handle the challenges associated with these types of claims. We will investigate, we’ll find witnesses, we’ll get the dog’s history, we’ll take photographs of your scar. We here at Drake, Hileman and Davis has been handling dog bites for over 25 years. Give us a call, you’ll to speak to me or one of the other experienced litigators. We’re here to help you.