Motor vehicle accidents, especially those involving large trucks and tractor trailers, can have serious and lasting consequences. Those sharing our roadways must be held accountable for the harm they cause. Contact us today if you have been injured by the negligent, reckless or careless driving of another, including a truck driver. Our truck accident attorneys can help.

Are Semi-Truck Accidents a Serious Threat?

According to, there are some alarming statistics when it comes to the dangers that semis and other large trucks present to Allentown residents and everyone on the roadways.

  • Approximately 98 percent of all semi accidents result in at least one fatality
  • Accidents involving semi-trucks cost approximately $20 billion each year
  • For every 100 million miles driven, there are 2.3 deaths and 60.5 injuries caused by big rigs

Semi-trucks are significantly larger and less maneuverable than most other vehicles on the roadways. Semi-trucks have reduced stopping capabilities and are often carrying goods that are extremely hazardous when spilled. All of these factors and many others combine to make semi-trucks extremely dangerous.

When are Semi-Truck Accidents Likely to Happen in Allentown?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted a study that identified the following key types of events that lead to semi-truck accidents:

  • Running out of a travel lane (either into another lane or off the road)
  • Vehicle loss of control due to traveling too fast for conditions, cargo shift, vehicle systems failure, or poor road conditions
  • Colliding with the rear-end of another vehicle in the truck’s travel lane

The FMCSA and NHTSA also identified the following as major contributing factors that made semi-truck accidents more likely.

  • Brake Problems. Routine maintenance of semi-trucks is a must for both the driver and operating company.
  • Traffic Flow Interruption. Congestion caused by a previous crash in Allentown or a disabled vehicle can significantly reduce a semi-truck’s ability to maneuver.
  • Prescription or Over-the-counter Drug Use. Whether used for appropriate reasons or recreation, prescription drugs can significantly reduce a truck driver’s awareness and responsiveness.
  • Traveling Too Fast. A semi-truck driver in Allentown must remain aware of road conditions and maintain a reasonable rate of speed. Drivers must also understand and recognize when they are unfamiliar with the roadways and reduce speed accordingly.
  • Roadway Problems. Inappropriately designed, constructed or maintained roadways can cause a semi-truck to respond poorly or to breakdown.
  • Fatigue. Commercial truck drivers are limited in the number of hours they are allowed to work due to the dangers of fatigue which can reduce responsiveness and awareness.

What Should I Do if I am Involved in an Accident With a Semi-Truck?

After an accident your safety and the safety of your family is most important. If possible, and without causing further injury, move away from the accident and roadway. Contact the authorities as quickly as possible and request medical attention if anyone has been injured.

Accept medical attention if you have been injured. Failure to do so will give the truck driver or other responsible party an opportunity to argue that something other than the accident caused your injuries. Get a complete medical evaluation from a competent medical professional and follow any recommended treatment plan to the best of your ability.

Once you have received medical attention, it is important to get a personal injury lawyer involved as quickly as possible. One of the Allentown semi-truck accident attorneys at Drake, Hileman & Davis, PC will work with you to ensure that evidence is properly identified and maintained and that the legal process begins as quickly as possible.

How Do I Contact Allentown Semi-Truck Accident Attorneys at Drake, Hileman & Davis, PC?

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