January 6, 2016

A multi-car accident in Philadelphia landed six people in the hospital just before the new year. One of those was a parole officer for the state of Pennsylvania. Police reported that some of the people involved in the accident became trapped in their vehicles and had to be extricated to take them to area hospitals and trauma centers.

The wreck happened on the 29th of December. It was in Fairmount Park, right near Lincoln Drive. Pictures of the scene show firetrucks parked in the street near a number of mangled vehicles, with pieces of some cars lying on the pavement.

The crash happened in the middle of the day, right around 12:30, in the typical lunchtime traffic. It took place at the Henry Avenue Bridge.

Initial reports indicate that a red SUV was potentially speeding—though the police have not made an official declaration, reporters on the scene said that the SUV was “flying” around a corner—and then other vehicles slammed into it. Some were apparently stopped and run into, while another came up from the back.

In the picture, the front ends of two of the vehicles can be seen, with the hoods crumpled. Both vehicles are more neutral in color, though, and the parts on the ground are bright red—apparently having been torn off of the SUV. Reporters said that the SUV may have gone out of control right before the crash, which also suggests a high rate of speed.

Those who have been injured in car accidents caused by reckless driving need to know what right they have to seek compensation, especially when suffering from serious injuries.

Source: NBC Philadelphia, “Pa. State Parole Officer Among Six Injured in Multi-Car Crash on Lincoln Drive,” Dan Stamm and Sara Smith, Dec. 29, 2015