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Nov 30, 2021 - Dog Bite Injuries

Can Your Dog’s Diet Affect the Dog’s Behavior?

Man’s best friend. Sometimes your only friend, dogs provide companionship and comfort, helps you stay healthier and happier, and even reduce stress. They are good in a crisis. This is why owning a pet dog is important to people, at least as far as shelter and/or rescue dogs go. If you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to buy a fancy purebred even as thousands of dogs grow old in nine-foot cages or are put down when they become unadoptable, then your benefit is pure vanity.

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Oct 13, 2021 - Dog Bite Injuries

Allentown Dog Bite Lawyer Discusses Recent Animal Attacks in Pennsylvania

According to Outforia, Pennsylvania ranks #8 in states where most people are killed by wild animals, using data from the 20-year period from 1999 to 2019. The data doesn’t include bee stings, getting mauled by a dog, or the number of deadly car crashes caused by hitting a deer. These stats are designed to measure attacks by wild animals like bears, coyotes, cougars, wolves, and sharks, i.e., the types of animals that you avoid at all costs since any encounter will end badly for you.

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Mar 15, 2021 - Dog Bite Injuries

Avoiding Dog Bite Issues: Traits to Train Out of a Puppy

Getting a new puppy is like welcoming a new member to the family. Everyone enjoys holding, cuddling, and playing with the new puppy, especially the children. It feels to them as if they’ve received a new friend and playmate. Having a new puppy can generate a positive new atmosphere in a house, and everybody feels a bit happier.

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Jan 13, 2021 - Dog Bite Injuries

Insurance Limitations on Certain Dog Breeds

The question is: are certain breeds of dogs genetically predestined to be aggressive, or is aggression purely an environmental issue, i.e., a matter of treatment and training? There is somewhat of a split among the experts. According to dog expert Cesar Millan, on his website Cesar’s Way, “I deal with a lot of red zone dog behavior cases, and I often hear people incorrectly blaming the breed. Any breed can cause trouble. The difference between an aggressive chihuahua and an aggressive pit bull is that the bigger breeds can cause proportionately bigger damage.”

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Jan 8, 2021 - Dog Bite Injuries

Dog Behaviors That May Lead to Attacks

Man’s best friend. That phrase is often completely accurate, particularly for the elderly and children, or people who live alone. Commonly, a dog as a pet is someone’s only companion, not just their best friend. This is why aggression in dogs is such an emotional hot button. No one wants to see their best friend put down for a single act of aggression. If you have a dog that was involved in an aggression-related incident or have suffered an injury from being attacked by a dog, contact an Allentown dog bite lawyer for help.

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Dec 29, 2020 - Dog Bite Injuries

Recovering Damages When You’ve Suffered a Dog Bite

Speak to an Allentown Dog Bite Lawyer Today If you’ve been seriously injured in a dog bite attack in Pennsylvania, then you may be wondering what you can do to recover damages.  After all, it may not be immediately clear whether you’re entitled to sue the owner — especially if the dog’s aggression surprised their owner. Fortunately, those who have been subject to a dog bite attack are almost guaranteed some form of compensation. Let’s take a closer look. Medical Expenses Covered Outright In Pennsylvania, when a plaintiff is injured in a dog bite (or another type of dog attack) scenario, they are entitled to sue the owner and recover damages to cover their medical expenses related to the dog attack.  This coverage is granted in accordance with “strict liability” principles.  In other words, it’s not necessary for you — the plaintiff — to prove that the owner was at fault.  All that’s necessary is that you were, in fact, attacked and injured by their dog.  This guarantees at least some form of compensation in most cases. The key limitation here, however, is that recovery is limited to medical expenses only.  If you’d like to recover for your other damages (i.e., pain and suffering, wage loss, etc.), then you’ll have to prove that the owner was negligent. Owner Negligence Owners can be found negligent if you show the following: that the owner knew about the dog’s vicious tendencies, and that the owner was negligent in failing to control or otherwise […]

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Jul 9, 2020 - Dog Bite Injuries

How to Avoid Dangerous Dogs

Man’s best friend? Maybe. But not necessarily your best friend. Dogs can be dangerous, and the statistics are startling. According to Petpedia, over 4.5M people are bitten by dogs every year, resulting in 36 fatalities in the U.S. in 2018. You have a one in 112,400 chance of dying from a dog bite or attack. If you have been injured in a dog attack, an Allentown dog bite lawyer can help. Still, the statistics don’t change the fact that pet dogs provide comfort, companionship, and protection for millions of people. 38.4% of the overall households in the U.S. have a pet dog. Dogs are also valuable contributors to our society as a whole, used for everything from guidance for the handicapped, to companionship for wounded veterans, to sniffing out contraband, explosives, and even missing people. Identifying Dogs That May Be Dangerous Recognizing that a particular dog may be dangerous is the key to avoiding dog attacks. Most people understand that certain breeds, like pit bulls or Dobermans, are often dangerous and should be avoided. However, mixed breeds are second only to pit bulls in causing dog-related fatalities. Most dogs will provide signals that they do not wish to be bothered, including: Raised hair. When a dog is in an aggressive mood, its hair and sometimes its tail will be raised. This can be seen from a distance, so it is a good clue to be aware of. Exposed teeth. Dogs that are showing their teeth are telling you they are […]

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Oct 3, 2019 - Dog Bite Injuries

Pennsylvania and Limited Strict Liability for Dog Bites

In Pennsylvania, the law is quite plaintiff-friendly with regard to dog bite injuries.  If you’ve been injured in a dog bite accident, you are practically guaranteed some amount of damages as compensation.  Still, those damages may be limited unless you can prove that the defendant’s dog was uniquely dangerous or that the defendant acted negligently, thus contributing to the injuries you suffered. Pennsylvania Employs a Hybrid Liability System Pennsylvania dog bite liability can seem rather complicated upon first impression.  Let’s break it down into its component parts for the sake of clarity. Strict Liability No matter what, if you are bitten by a dog and thereby injured, you will be entitled to damages for your medical expenses.  For example, if the defendant has their dog tightly leashed, but the dog suddenly and unexpectedly jumps at you and bites your hand, you would be entitled to whatever medical expenses you incur as a result, even if the defendant had the dog properly restrained and the dog did not have a dangerous disposition. Of course, medical expenses are not generally sufficient to cover all the losses associated with a serious bite injury.  Dog bite injuries can give rise to a range of damages that include wage loss, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. So, how can you recover the full range of damages that would properly compensate you for the suffered losses?  You’ll have to prove that the dog was dangerous — in other words, had vicious propensities — or that the […]

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Apr 9, 2019 - Dog Bite Injuries

Exotic Animal Bite Injuries and Liability

Dog Bite Attorney in Allentown, PA Have you been injured in an exotic animal attack — at a zoo, garden, circus, or even in a residential area where the animal has a permitted individual owner?  Depending on the circumstances of the injury, Pennsylvania law may give you a right of action against the owner for damages. Here at Drake, Hileman & Davis, PC, we have successfully litigated numerous animal bite cases, with significant results obtained through settlement and trial.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you pursue your claims. Exotic Wildlife Ownership is Limited and Strict In Pennsylvania, exotic wildlife possession is extremely limited and highly regulated.  An exotic animal may only be possessed by public zoological parks/gardens, nationally-recognized circuses, and individuals with the necessary permits. Individual permits are granted for each exotic animal, and the individual must have at least two years of hands-on experience in a licensed facility, as well as house the animal in a safe and sanitary manner that adequately protects the public from the dangers of such wildlife. If an exotic animal owner fails to satisfy the legal requirements, they could be exposed to civil and criminal penalties. Imposing Liability As a foundational matter, it’s important to understand that exotic animal owners must exercise due care in safeguarding the public from attack.  Failure to do so could give you — the injured plaintiff — a right to sue and recover damages for the suffered losses. Whether the owner is liable […]

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Dec 7, 2018 - Dog Bite Injuries

What Qualifies as a Dog With Dangerous Propensities?

Let an Allentown Dog Bite Attorney Help If you’ve been injured by a dog in Pennsylvania, then you may be entitled to significant compensation under the law.  It’s important to understand, however, that your ability to recover may be affected by the qualification of the dog itself — if the animal qualifies as a “dangerous dog,” then the owner can be held absolutely liable (i.e., must pay full compensation) for the damages incurred by their dog during the attack. Curious how it works?  Let’s explore the basics. Defining a Dangerous Dog Under Pennsylvania Law In Pennsylvania, dog owners are strictly liable for the medical expenses incurred by those who are injured by their dogs.  If the dog showcases “dangerous propensities” or is a “dangerous dog,” however, then the owner may be held fully liable for all the damages caused. A dangerous dog is one who has: Inflicted severe injury on a human being or domestic animal without provocation; Attacked a human being without provocation; Been used in the commission of a crime; A history of attacking human beings and/or domestic animals without provocation; or A propensity to attack human beings and/or domestic animals without provocation. Even a single attacking event may be sufficient to establish a propensity that qualifies the dog as “dangerous” under the law. The bar is not particularly high to establish that the dog was “dangerous.”  In Pennsylvania, it is enough to show that the dog rushed at others in a vicious manner (requiring the owner to […]

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