Avoiding Dog Bite Issues: Traits to Train Out of a Puppy

March 15, 2021

Getting a new puppy is like welcoming a new member to the family. Everyone enjoys holding, cuddling, and playing with the new puppy, especially the children. It feels to them as if they’ve received a new friend and playmate. Having a new puppy can generate a positive new atmosphere in a house, and everybody feels a bit happier.

Nonetheless, from the very day a person brings a puppy home, it’s important for the new owners to watch for potential warning signs of aggression. A cute new puppy might lead to concern about its behavior and whether he or she will grow out of it.  More than just destroying furniture, there’s also a danger the puppy could ultimately cause more harm than good.

The odds are that the puppy’s disposition is perfectly normal, but there are exceptions. As a rule, there are warning signs that indicate the presence of aggression in a puppy. It’s important for new (and old) dog owners to watch the puppy’s body language and look for traits that need to be trained out of the puppy before it’s too late.

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Signs of an Aggressive Puppy

Whether it’s a friend, family member, neighbor or even a nearby stranger who has a dog, here are a few signs of aggression to look for to help you steer clear, stay safe and avoid a possible attack:

  • Watch the puppy’s behavior around food. Early signs of aggression in puppies include being possessive over toys and food. 
  • Does the puppy growl when someone walks by their food bowl while eating? 
  • Does the puppy growl when anyone reaches for their food bowl, even if it’s empty? 
  • Does the puppy snatch treats out of one’s hand? 
  • Does the puppy lunge, growl, or snap as someone attempts to retrieve a dropped piece of food? Dog owners should even be aware if he or she is protective of the trash container.
  • Is the puppy possessive of toys or other items, especially items that might belong to children?
  • How does your puppy act when someone, especially someone they don’t know, walks into the house or enters a room? Does the puppy bark excessively or growl? 
  • Does the puppy exhibit an unusually high drive for prey by chasing and nipping at anything moving? 
  • Does the puppy over-react aggressively to sudden movements? 
  • Is the puppy unwilling to be touched? Watch for puppy aggression signs when picked up, especially nipping, which can quickly turn into biting.  
  • How does the puppy interact with other dogs and puppies? Watch for signs of dominance. 

These are all signs of early aggression that need to be curbed immediately with proper and professional training.

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The joy of a new puppy can quickly turn into heartache if the puppy shows early signs of aggression. Keeping an eye out for the signs of aggression discussed above will allow owners to train any aggressive traits out of the puppy early before it’s too late. 

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