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Believe it or not, “Bombogenesis” is a meterological term used to describe a weather event in which a cold air mass collides with a warm air mass to cause a intense drop in atmospheric pressure. This low pressure system is called a bomb cyclone. The rapid drop in air pressure means the storm intensifies very quickly, which can cause heavy snow, rain, high winds and coastal flooding.

Extreme winds can result in significant power outages throughout the region. So what would you do if you were stuck in your home with a loss of power, when temperatures are dangerously cold?

Consumer Reports recently published a list of five (5) ways to stay warm during a winter power outage.

1. If You Can, Get a Generator. If you can’t find a portable generator at a home center or power equipment dealer, try looking for a recreational generator at a sporting goods store. While these small generators are not designed for power outages, they can produce enough power for a large space heater and to charge your cell phones. Never operator a generator inside your home and always direct exhaust away from your home.


2. Stay in a Southern-Facing Room. On a sunny day, you can maximize staying warm by gathering in a room with southern-facing windows. This “micro-environment” will ultimately be the warmest room in the house for all family members to gather.

3. Seal Window and Door Leaks. While it may seem obvious, look for leaks around windows and doors in order to prevent heat loss. If you do not have caulk or weather stripping, you can used clear plastic sheets that allow light but not the cold air to come through windows.

4. Use a Fireplace or Another Heat Source. Make sure you have working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms before utilizing a portable propane space heater inside your home. Be sure to follow the directions in the owner’s manual concerning where such heaters can be used and what amount of fresh air ventilation is needed when operating the heater.

5. Camp Out Indoors. A tent and sleeping bags can help you and any family members stay warm, especially through the night when temperatures tend to drop. Wear a winter hat and dress in layers and make sure to stay dry. While hypothermia is a concern at any age, young children and older adults are particularly susceptible.

Finally, if you are not able to maintain sustainable temperatures in your home, many areas will operate warming centers when there are sever power outages. Click here to see what resources are available in your local area. Extreme Cold Warming Centers.

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