Tom is a trial attorney practicing in the areas of criminal defense, domestic, personal injury and general litigation.

Tom is a trial attorney practicing in the areas of criminal defense, domestic, personal injury and general litigation. He also counsels churches and other non-profit organizations regarding various legal issues including child abuse reporting, liability reduction and in reviewing organizational policies and practices. Tom became a partner of the firm in 2004. Prior to joining the firm, he worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Montgomery County where he gained extensive trial experience, handling a variety of cases including homicide, narcotics and DUI. While there, he served as chief of the juvenile division, and was named as a trial team captain. He also served as law clerk for former President Judge, the Honorable S. Gerald Corso. Tom has participated in more than 30 jury trials in various counties, including Montgomery, Bucks, Lehigh, Philadelphia and Monroe.

Tom has volunteered for a number of years as a travel youth basketball coach in the Inter County Basketball Association (ICBA).

Tom graduated from Temple University School of Law in 1988, and completed his undergraduate studies at Cedarville University in 1984. 

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In an effort to assist his clients in gaining a basic understanding of the legal issues they face, Tom has written several articles which many have found helpful.

Family Law Articles

REMOVAL OF CHILD FROM ORIGINAL JURISDICTION.  One issue in family practice that causes substantial alarm, is when one parent threatens to remove one or more children from the area of the original residence to either another state or another distant location, against the will of the other parent.  We receive inquiries on both sides of this issue. On one hand, a parent’s desire to remove the child from an area of violence, hardship and distress, is understandable as they may well see greener pastures, physically, emotionally and financially, in another state or jurisdiction. On the other hand, this threat of removal can be a devastating blow to the other parent.  See more, here.

CUSTODY:  GRANDPARENTS AND OTHER RELATIVES.  Do Grandparents have a right to file a Petition for Custody of their grandchildren? What about Aunts, Uncles, or friends? Is it possible for these concerned parties to request custody when the living situation of these minors is dire? I often get calls asking these very questions.   See more, here.

Criminal Law Articles

PRE-ARREST and PRE-TRIAL STRATEGY. Legal strategy is important from day one of your case. Should you cooperate with the police in providing a statement?  What should you reveal about a potential co-conspirator? Maybe it is best to say nothing. Did the police lawfully stop your vehicle?  Did they have a right to search your truck? Is there a way to prove to the police that you are telling the truth and that the witness is lying or mistaken? Again you need technical expertise to navigate these important issues.  See more here.