As you travel through the mountains, hills, and towns of Northampton County, you may find that you take several unexpected turns.  No turn is as unexpected the “U” turn that life takes when you discover that you have been charged with a criminal offense.  When this occurs you need an experienced Easton criminal defense attorney that you can trust to navigate through this process.

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Legal strategy is important from day one of your case. Should you cooperate with the police in providing a statement?  What should you reveal about a potential co-conspirator? Maybe it is best to say nothing. Did the police lawfully stop your vehicle?  Did they have a right to search your truck? Is there a way to prove to the police that you are telling the truth and that the witness is lying or mistaken? Again you need technical expertise to navigate these important issues.


The most prosecuted crime in Pennsylvania is Driving under the influence.

Millions of dollars are spent yearly across the state to stop, prevent and prosecute drunk drivers.

Unfortunately, you may be reading this because you recently made a big mistake and you need help. Fortunately, an arrest for DUI does not have to destroy your life. The police may have erred in pulling you over.  Or, the police may simply not have sufficient evidence for you to be found guilty of the offense.  If this is your first DUI,, many of you may be entitled to a program known as ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition). If you are eligible for this program, and you complete it successfully, you can escape a conviction on your record and also limit or fully avoid the license suspension associated with this offense..


Often people hire a criminal defense attorney to simply ensure that their case is being handled in a fair manner. They do not want the prosecution to pile on, or they do not want their sentence to be unfairly excessive. Under these circumstances, the role of your attorney is to simply provide the counsel with the information necessary to place you in the position to secure the appropriate sanction.  This requires solid negotiation skills and involves speaking the truth, taking responsibility and often paying restitution.  Often it is best to apologize to the court and to the victims of the offense. You need wise and experience counsel to assure a just result in court.

Sometimes the best defense is to simply go to trial. Attorney Tom Blackburn is ready, willing and able to call trial, pick a jury if needed and to try your case to verdict.


Since Tom was formerly the Chief of the Juvenile Division in Montgomery County, his practice is uniquely qualified to handle juvenile criminal matters. Tom provides counsel to teenagers and parents of teenagers in the juvenile Court.  While the Juvenile Court system can be quite intimidating at times and perhaps rightfully so, the intent of the system is to encourage rehabilitation.  Depending on the seriousness of the crime, the Juvenile system offers dispositions which allows for appropriate consequences for the immature teenage decisions, often without the long term consequences of the adult court system.

You Need an Experienced Easton Criminal Defense Attorney

Tom Blackburn, of Drake, Hileman and Davis has been practicing law in the Courts of eastern Pennsylvania for over 26 years.  He served as a  prosecuting attorney  for nearly 5 years, where he led a Drug Prosecution Trial Team, and he served as  Chief of the Juvenile Division.  Since, then, for more than 20 years, Tom has been handling Criminal Defense matters not only in Northampton County but also in other surrounding counties such as Bucks, Lehigh, Montgomery and Philadelphia. Tom  has the knowledge and skill to protect your rights and to score the technical knockout that you need to preserve your rights and liberties.

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