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When a car or truck gets rear-ended at a low speed, the resulting injuries may not that bad. But, as our Easton motorcycle accident attorneys know all to well,  when a motorcycle is rear-ended, the results can be catastrophic. On a motorcycle, you have no seat belt. On a motorcycle, you have no airbags. On a motorcycle, you have no bumper. It is just you and the road. Injuries in accidents like this can range from whiplash to broken bones; from burns from a hot engine, or even an exploding gas tank to permanent scarring from significant road rash; from a closed-head injury (concussion) to a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury); from paralysis to death.

The fact is when you ride a motorcycle, you put yourself at the mercy of other drivers. These other drivers are accustomed to seeing cars, trucks and tractor-trailers on the road. As a result, motorcycle riders are often overlooked or unseen, leading to accidents.

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Head Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

What if you just hit your head? No broken bones. No road rash. But you don’t feel yourself. You don’t think as clearly as you did before the accident. Sometimes you forget things. Closed head injuries, and concussions in particular, are injuries for which society is now more aware. Just look at the NFL. New studies are coming out every month, showing the lasting effects that head injuries have. These lasting effects remain mostly hidden. Permanent damage may not be revealed for years down the road.

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Road Rash: A Common Injury After a Motorcycle Crash

Not all types of road rash are the same, and the level that you experience during a motorcycle accident has a lot to do with how painful it will be, how long it will take to heal, and how much it’s going to cost for the treatment. Generally speaking, the different levels are referred to as degrees—the same way that burn injuries are rated.

  • If you just have first-degree road rash, it’s a relatively minor issue. Your skin will be slightly red and could be a bit painful to the touch. This can often be treated at home and will heal completely.
  • With second-degree road rash, the first layer of your skin is actually going to be torn or broken. This can be much more painful and will take longer to heal, as the skin needs to regenerate. There are typically not significant scars, but there can be some scarring.
  • Finally, if you get third-degree road rash, the skin will have been torn right off and the tissue below will be exposed. This is the most painful and requires the most treatment—and the longest healing time. Scarring is likely. In many cases, those who are injured actually need to have skin grafts so that they can heal properly. This is a extensive procedure that can take a long time and be very costly.

If you’ve been injured in an accident that another driver caused, knowing the degree of the injury is very important because you may have a right to seek compensation for your medical costs, pain and suffering, money that you lose while you’re out of work, and more. Our Easton motorcycle accident attorneys understand the pain you feel and will help you recover compensation.


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