May 23, 2016

A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, woman is suing a delivery truck driver and his employers for their role in a commercial vehicle accident. Attorneys representing the woman allege that both parties are responsible for causing a chain reaction car accident with a delivery truck. The lawsuit, which was filed at the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, says that on May 9, 2012, the defendant driver engaged in negligent behavior by speeding and not having proper control of his vehicle when he slammed into a car that was stopped at a red light. The suit also alleges that the owner of the company bears some liability for the accident due to his employment of the driver.

According to the plaintiff’s complaint, the force of the crash began a chain reaction of other cars smashing into each other until the impetus of the crash finally ended with a car being driven into the rear of her Honda CRV. The plaintiff and her daughter were injured. The series of collision took place on Main Street in Darby, Pennsylvania.

Although the plaintiff is seeking damages totaling more than $150,000 for the commercial vehicle accident, she says that her daughter also suffered injuries in the crash that may affect her quality of life well into the future. The plaintiff says that she received permanent injuries to her back and spine. Additionally, the plaintiff states that the accident has caused her to incur medical expenses and reduced her ability to earn wages.

Commercial vehicles are an essential component to urban life. We rely on shipping vans to delivery our packages to our places of business. We need delivery trucks to keep our convenience stores stocked with fresh merchandise. They have become an indispensable conduit for all kinds of goods and services. They are also very large and heavy with powerful engines. That is why we need to ensure that the people hired to operate commercial vehicles are properly trained and experienced. We also need to hold the companies who hire the drivers responsible if they fail to ensure that the people entrusted with the daily operation of these large vehicles don’t pose a hazard towards other motorists.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Family sues delivery truck driver for causing chain reaction car accident” No author given, May. 21, 2014