January 3, 2014

Although they are a vital means of transportation, the roadways can be the stage for tragedy. If a driver fails to abide by the rules of the road, they could collide with another vehicle. This is often due to a driver speeding, following too closely, failing to use a turn signal or texting while driving. A negligent driver could cause a deadly collision resulting in serious injuries and even death.

A head-on collision recently occurred in Morris Township. Authorities responded to this fatal accident that occurred on Christmas night on Route 128. The accident involved two SUVs and occurred around 6:40 p.m. Initial reports indicated that the crash occurred when an SUV that was traveling northbound on Route 128 crossed the centerline. This resulted in the head-on collision with the other SUV.

Emergency crews responded to the two-vehicle crash. Both drivers died as a result of the crash. One was pronounced dead at the scene while the other died later at the hospital. Two were injured in the crash, and the 30-year-old woman and 8-month-old baby were flown to the hospital for treatment for the injuries they suffered.

Details of the fatal crash are still under investigation. Once completed, authorities could determine causes and liability.

Even when the party at fault does not survive the crash, those affected could still have a cause of action. A wrongful death suit could be filed against the estate of the at fault driver by the loved ones of the deceased. Those injured could file a personal injury suit for compensation that could be used to cover medical bills, pain and suffering and other damages.

A serious or fatal accident could be a life-altering event. Those affected should understand that they have legal options. Filing for compensation often alleviates any resulting financial burdens caused by the accident.

Source: Associated Press, “Western Pa. Crash Kills 2, Hurts 2, Including Baby,” Dec. 26, 2013