October 6, 2016

Recently in our personal injury blog, we talked about the importance of building a good attorney/client relationship in truck and car accident cases. Much of that blog post discussed the client’s role in fostering this partnership but we want you to know that attorneys play a valuable role as well. In other words, it is not your responsibility alone to cultivate a compatible working relationship with your attorney. As partners, we share the responsibility, which is beneficial to you and to your lawyer.

Attorneys are driven individuals who aspire to reach their goals while providing their clients with excellent representation. Unfortunately, being so driven can have its disadvantages. For example, lawyers like to become as well-prepared as possible for the legal side of any case and may forget to ensure their relationship with the client stays mutually beneficial and on track. Good lawyers correct these issues repeatedly by reminding ourselves that we are working for you, the client.

Other ways we contribute to the attorney/client relationship includes:

— Understanding your evolving levels of stress

— Understanding your life and your legal goals

— Understanding that you need regular updates about your case

— Helping prepare you for court proceedings

— Accompanying you to your court appearances

— Advising you about courtroom etiquette

–Making sure your expectations remain realistic

As you can see, sharing the relationship’s responsibilities can go a long way towards helping you find success in your personal injury case. When dealing with the aftermath of a car accident in Pennsylvania, having an attorney who is committed to becoming your partner is one of the most powerful resources at your disposal. We invite you to browse our website for additional information about your legal options following a car accident.