How Much is Pain and Suffering Worth in Pennsylvania?

March 22, 2021

If you have been hurt due to someone else’s negligent or wrongful intentional conduct, you’re probably wondering just how much compensation you can recover for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is a term used to refer to the compensation you may recover for the physical or emotional distress resulting from an injury.

The amount the at-fault party owes for pain and suffering is calculated separately from the amount owed for more direct expenses, such as medical bills or time lost from work. However, sometimes, these expenses are considered to reach a logical figure for pain and suffering.

If you are interested in an accurate estimate of how much money you may be entitled to for your injury-related pain and suffering, the Bethlehem personal injury lawyers at Drake, Hileman & Davis can help.

What is the Average Settlement Amount for Pain and Suffering? 

There is no actual “average” amount awarded for pain and suffering. Most pain and suffering awards fall somewhere below $15,000 because most claims involve small injuries. Still, for extreme pain and suffering, the amount can be well into the thousands or even more.

How is the Amount Awarded for Pain and Suffering Calculated in Pennsylvania?

Economic damages typically awarded in any settlement are easier to determine because they can be measured in actual figures. For example, to calculate your medical damages, add up all of the medical expenses from the date of the injury and any anticipated future medical expenses. The same method of calculation is used for any other type of economic damage. 

However, it is more difficult to calculate pain and suffering damages because they are not easily determined and it differs for each person. There is no invoice or bill for your pain and suffering, and two people can suffer the same injuries, but their pain levels and emotional suffering may be far different because each person experiences things in their own way.

Every settlement in which someone is awarded pain and suffering compensation in the form of cash includes the examination of several various factors, including:

  • The severity of the injuries
  • The type of injuries sustained
  • The type of medical treatment received
  • The degree of permanent injury, including scarring and disfigurement
  • The length of recovery time
  • The possible long-term effects of the injuries
  • The amount of insurance coverage available
  • The type of case involved
  • The age of the person
  • The impact of your physical injuries on your well-being
  • The emotional trauma suffered including stress, anguish, grief, pain, and anxiety
  • The interruption to daily life, including activities you are unable to perform due to your injuries

The factors above are examples of how pain and suffering is typically determined. A person may also be awarded pain and suffering damages for humiliation, embarrassment, or the loss of the enjoyment of life because of their injuries.

Finally, software devices known as “damages calculators” or “pain and suffering calculators” are employed by some law firms to help determine damages.

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