Liability for Road Defects

October 2, 2020

Pennsylvania offers a full four-season year: crisp springs, hot summers, moderate falls, and sometimes brutally cold winters. This is part of Pennsylvania’s charm and what makes it such an attractive place to live. Unfortunately, this very same variety of seasons can be very hard on Pennsylvania’s roadways, even if they are consistently maintained.

Potholes, crumbling roadsides, and other roadway defects are commonplace on Pennsylvania’s roadways and are responsible for numerous accidents and other types of damage to vehicles. When a road defect causes injury to you or damage to your vehicle, you may need to seek compensation from government agencies and other organizations responsible for the road’s design and maintenance to cover these injuries or damages.

If you have been injured or suffered damage because of roadway defects, contact an Easton car accident lawyer for help.

Types of Road Defects

Many auto accidents are attributable to defective or poorly designed and/or maintained roads and bridges. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Defective Road Design. Sometimes roads are simply poorly designed. Sharp turns, crowded intersections, congested areas, water run-offs, and other design issues can lead to dangerous road conditions for drivers. The government has a responsibility to design safe roads and highways for drivers.
  • Lack of Proper Traffic Signals. Missing stop signs, traffic lights, and other signage to alert drivers about dangerous conditions present drivers with unnecessarily dangerous conditions. Improperly marked construction zones and malfunctioning traffic signals contribute to these dangers.
  • Poor Road Maintenance. Poorly maintained roadways are probably the most annoying dangers for the typical driver. The government is responsible for keeping roads in good working condition. Cracks, bumps, uneven pavement, potholes, and drop-offs in the road increase the likelihood of accidents. In these situations, the agencies responsible for upkeep may be liable for property damage and injuries.

How an Easton Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

An Easton car accident lawyer can help you protect your rights and recover for your injuries after an accident caused by a highway defect. Claims against government agencies often come with strict notice requirements that limit the time in which you have to make a claim. If you do not take legal action against government agencies quickly, you may lose the ability to recover money for your damages, which may include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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Claims against governmental agencies involve a number of unique concerns and responsibilities. Let an Easton car accident lawyer at Drake, Hileman & Davis help you determine whether you have a legitimate claim and assist you with any legal action that may be necessary.

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