August 7, 2015

If you speak to motorcycle enthusiasts about why they love to ride the conversation will likely turn to the concept of freedom. Freedom from the feeling of being enclosed within the confines of a vehicle, and freedom to enjoy the open air as they travel along the road.

Unfortunately, it is that exposure and lack of protection that is also one of the main reasons why motorcycle accidents are often more deadly than other modes of transportation. In fact, in a previous article on our website we revealed how statistics taken in 2011 indicate that thenumber of victims killed in motorcycle accidents was 30 times higher than accidents involving cars.

Pennsylvania residents need to know that other motorists have a duty to exercise reasonable care while operating their vehicles. They must look out for motorcyclists around them. In fact, Pennsylvania wrongful death statutes allow family members to sue individuals who are responsible for the wrongful, negligent or criminal death of others.

Those surviving family members are entitled to sue for damages related to the loss of income the victims may have likely earned over the course of their lifetimes, as well as any medical and funeral expenses related to the victims’ care and burial. Wrongful death victims’ family may also be entitled to sue for the loss of companionship they have experienced as the result of the death of their loved ones.

If you have lost someone due to a preventable motorcycle accident you need to know that determining a fair and comprehensive compensation for your loss is not always a straightforward affair. For example, it may be difficult to assess the loss of guidance and support children might experience from the wrongful death of a parent with whom they had a strained relationship. Another example might be trying to assess a dollar amount to the potential lifetime family contributions of a homemaker killed in motorcycle crash.

That’s why a consultation with a wrongful death attorney can prove extremely beneficial. An attorney can bring in valuation experts from multiple fields to ensure that your wrongful death claims fairly reflect your losses.

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