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December 31, 2013

Authorities were recently called to multiple accidents on the Pennsylvania Turnpike caused by a sudden snowstorm that affected the area. Due to the accidents caused by the winter storm, Interstate 78 was closed between mile marker 35 and 40 going eastbound. The westbound side of the Interstate was shut down around mile marker 40 as well.

Emergency crewmembers that arrived at the scene assessed everyone involved in the massive wreck. It was reported that 44 people were injured in the multi-vehicle crash. Of those injured, 25 were transported to the hospital for treatment.

Details about the collisions and the causes were not immediately available. Although the winter weather played a huge role in the massive and multiple crashes, it is not clear whether a negligent driver caused the crash. Dangerous road conditions can often cause a car accident, but a driver who speeds or is not attentive could also cause a crash.

If a driver is at fault, they could be liable for the resulting injuries and damages. An injured person could file a personal injury suit. This could help them recover compensation. Their monetary award could be used to offsets the coasts associated with the accident such as medical bills and lost wages.

Those involved in a multi-vehicle collision are often greatly affected. This makes it especially important that an injured party gain advice about their situation. This will help them take appropriate action and protect their legal rights.

Source: WFMZ, “Multiple accidents in snow close Interstate 78, Pennsylvania Turnpike,” Dec. 26, 2013