November 6, 2014

In a previous entry on our website, we explained that Pennsylvania motorists should always elect to choose full tort car insurance vs. the limited tort option. That is because full tort coverage will allow you to recover for bodily injuries even if you are not seriously injured. The other reason is that full tort coverage only costs approximately 15 percent more, or $150 extra per year, than limited tort insurance. This may not seem like a wise decision at the time you are writing the check to the insurance company, but if you have an accident later, you will understand the prudence of taking that extra precaution.

However, Pennsylvania’s relatively recent tort reform laws have several exceptions to the rules that normally limit the recovery of injured plaintiffs. Accidents caused by drunk drivers are not covered under the limited tort provisions. This means that even motorists with limited tort insurance coverage are entitled to seek compensation for their injuriesif they were caused by a drunk or drugged driver.

Some other exceptions to the limited tort law are accidents caused by drivers who intentionally use their vehicle to injure or kill others, and drivers who fail to maintain mandatory minimum car insurance.

Our law firm wants you to know that we believe that the American legal system should recognize your pain and suffering as a valid claim worthy of compensation. For over 25 years, our law firm has advocated forcefully on behalf of our clients in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our goal is to seek compensation that will enable our clients that look after their past losses as well as their future needs

Our law firm will evaluate your case for free and assess the extent of your injuries. We will also help you to identify potential grounds for negligence against all parties involved in the accident who may have caused your injuries.