Selecting a lawyer to work with you and your family can seem like a huge burden. The Doylestown lawyers at Drake, Hileman & Davis, PC work hard to make the process easier. We believe that we are the best and we would love to the opportunity to show you why we believe that. Please contact us today online or by calling 888-777-7098.

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When Should I Get a Lawyer?

There are times when having the support a dedicated Doylestown lawyer is critical. You should consider getting a lawyer under any of the following circumstances.

  • Severe/Catastrophic Injury. The more serious an injury the more important it is to have an experienced lawyer working with you. Our lawyers know how to work with medical professionals to ensure that your injuries are completely diagnosed and that the appropriate amount of compensation is being requested.
  • Other Party is Represented. Where the other party is represented by a lawyer it is important to have a lawyer on your side to manage the legal process. Lawyers are professionals who understand the legal process and how to best use that process for the benefit of their client. It is always difficult for someone who is unrepresented to match the skill and training of a legal professional.
  • Significant Claim. There are different categories of damages that can usually be requested during the legal process. For example, your claim may call for compensatory and punitive damages. If you do not appropriately request such damages, then your ability to get full compensation may become limited.

There are many other reasons to seek the help of a lawyer after an injury. We are happy to discuss what our lawyers can do for you, call us today at 888-777-7098.

Questions to Ask Your Doylestown Lawyer

Before providing legal advice, a lawyer must, at a minimum, have attended law school, passed a bar examination and been admitted by a state board to practice law. The process to becoming a lawyer is not easy but there are still significant differences between how lawyers treat their clients and manage cases. Here are some questions you may want to consider asking a lawyer before hiring him or her:

  • How long has the lawyer been practicing? Experience does not necessarily indicated competency, but generally the more a lawyer has seen the better.
  • How much experience do you have handling my type of case? You should try and find a lawyer who has a practice that focuses in the area of your need. For example, a corporate lawyer is probably not the best candidate to manage a personal injury claim.
  • What is your style of case management? Every lawyer will have their own style of case management. Try and find a Doylesotwn lawyer that has a style you are comfortable with.
  • How accessible will you be? Unfortunately, many lawyers have poor communication skills or are not accessible to their clients. If the ability to communicate with your lawyer is important to you, then make sure the lawyer you select is going to be accessible.
  • How will my case be handled by your firm? Some lawyers work in teams or in large offices with large support networks; other lawyers operate sole-practices and have no support. Find a law firm that is the right size and fit for you.

We would love the opportunity to discuss these questions and your case with you. Please contact us today online or by calling 888-777-7098.

What Makes Drake, Hileman & Davis, PC the Best?

We believe strongly that the lawyers at Drake, Hileman & Davis, PC are the best lawyers in Doylestown. Our law firm strives to provide the highest level of personal legal service. Our lawyers work very hard to:

  • Communicate. We believe that the best lawyers are responsive to their clients. You should be kept aware of what is going on with your case and be able to discuss important matters with your lawyer as needed.
  • Learn and Grow. Our lawyers understand that the law is continually changing. Lawyers at Drake, Hileman & Davis, PC have passion for learning their areas of practice and take pride in staying up-to-date with important changes.
  • Win. When we take on a case it is because we believe in the case and our client. We take your claim very seriously and we will fight hard for you.

We would be honored to have the opportunity to show you why we believe we are the best. Contact us today online or by calling 888-777-7098 to discuss your case. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your family.