Workplace accidents are unfortunately common in Easton, Pennsylvania and throughout the United States.  According to a recent study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, among private industry employers located throughout the United States, in 2016 there were 2.9 million reported non-fatal injuries, with nearly 20 percent of injuries (in the manufacturing industry) pertaining to slip-and-fall incidents.

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Premises liability is a serious issue in nearly every workplace.  Employers — like other possessors of property with the ability to exercise control over a given premises — are required by law to maintain a reasonably safe environment for premises entrants, which of course includes their own employees.  When an employer violates their duty to provide a safe workplace environment, then Pennsylvania law may entitle the injured employee to compensation for their injuries.

Workplace Premises Hazards in Easton

In the workplace, there are a range of premises hazards that an employee could potentially encounter, thus exposing them to an unreasonable risk of harm.  These hazards include, but are not necessarily limited, to:

  • Falling hazards that have not been blocked off
  • Poorly maintained facilities
  • Liquid hazards
  • Chemical exposure
  • Inadequate lighting in the workplace
  • Inadequate security in and around the workplace
  • Ice accumulation
  • Poorly designed steps

Workplace Accidents — Unique Issues

In Easton, Pennsylvania, an employee who is injured in the workplace — or is injured while performing their job duties off-premises — may be entitled to workers’ compensation.  Workers’ compensation covers medical expenses, disability, and death benefits, but the employee gives up their right to sue the employer.  Importantly, workers’ compensation will be paid out regardless of fault.  For example, even if the employer is not at-fault for creating an unreasonable risk of danger, but you injure yourself in the workplace anyway, you may recover workers’ compensation benefits.

In some cases, you may be able to sue and recover damages from third-parties whose negligence contributed to your injuries.  For example, suppose that you were injured when you were standing on a ladder and it collapsed.  Further investigation reveals that the ladder was defectively designed and that it exposed you to a serious risk of injury.  You could sue the ladder manufacturer for damages, and still recover workers’ compensation from your employer.

Speak With an Easton Workplace Accident Attorney

Workplace injury lawsuits may seem straightforward at first, but in many cases, there can be unforeseen complications, particularly when there are potentially liable third parties involved in the case.  As such, you’ll want to work with an experienced workplace injury attorney who has a track record of success in litigating premises liability claims in the workplace context.

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