March 7, 2014

Teenage drivers are often considered to be more likely to cause an accident than drivers of other age ranges. Alcohol consumption by minors is also considered to be very dangerous, which is why laws are in place prohibiting underage drinking. What makes these two things especially dangerous for teens is the inexperience of age.

When the two behaviors are mixed and a teenager drinks and drives, the consequences can be even more deadly. To help give students in Pennsylvania real-life experience with the dangerous behavior without the risk of serious injury, simulators are used in educational initiatives — like at the Waynesboro Hospital’s Health Fair this weekend.

The Pennsylvania DUI Safety SIMulator’s next stop will be at Waynesboro Senior High School. Students will get to step into the machine throughout the morning on Saturday, March 8.

The students will get to experience real-life scenarios that include road lanes and real cars displayed in a 120-degree view on three screens around them in a cockpit with real working instruments. This simulated experience allows them to make the mistakes they may have on the road under the influence. It also includes scenarios that that involve other drivers that are intoxicated, getting to experience the other side of the behavior too.

These experiences are lifelike, only mistakes can be made without fear of retribution or the law. And, as noted above, the mistakes can be made without putting anyone at risk.

Major car insurance company, State Farm will sponsor use of the simulator, and has been since the year 2003.

Simulators can’t stop every instance of reckless behavior. Sadly, some students and adults may choose to drink and drive. Those that are harmed in a drunk driving accident can seek legal relief through a personal injury claim.

Source: Chambersburg Public Opinion, “PA DUI Safety Simulator to be at WASHS on Saturday,” March 6, 2014