March 20, 2014

The national pet supplies retailer Petco was recently named in what could be described as a classic slip-and-fall lawsuit. In this case, The Pennsylvania Record reported that a patron slipped on an “accumulation of liquid” in one of the Philadelphia locations. There weren’t a lot of details included in the report, and this isn’t necessarily a big surprise.

The report did state that when the woman fell, she landed on her backside and struck her head against the floor. This caused her to suffer injuries to her hip, back and head. She is seeking damages in an amount that was not disclosed, but the award is sought to compensate the victim for both the “physical pain and the monetary loss” she suffered as a result of the incident.

Negligence must be shown in these types of cases, and this lawsuit states that Petco was negligent for “allowing a dangerous condition to exist on its premises.” Although it wasn’t clear whether it was water from a fish tank or a puppy’s little accident, that dangerous condition was the liquid that had been spilled onto the floor.

Sure, this premises liability lawsuit is similar to many that have been filed in Pennsylvania before it. But just because a lawsuit includes details that may be common to a large number of other lawsuits based on the same tort, it doesn’t mean it isn’t personal for the victim. In this case, the victim’s individual pain and suffering was very real.

Doylestown personal injury attorneys understand the importance of every single case; their experience with similar cases only bolsters their ability to maximize the compensation clients may receive.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Petco named in slip and fall lawsuit,” Thomas Kallies, March 3, 2014