‘Tis the Season. . . for Porch Pirates

December 14, 2023
Jonathan J. Russell


Did you know that according to the Chamber of Commerce, 26% of consumers have reported that they have been a victim of package theft and that the average value of a stolen package was approximately $82.00. Moreover, 49% of consumers are worried that their on-line orders will be stolen.

Knowing that on-line shopping is here to stay, after all 80% of consumers receive a package delivery at least once per month, what are some ways that you can protect yourself from “porch pirates?”

Four ways to protect yourself:

  1.  Have your packages delivered to a secure location. You can opt for in-store pick-up. Or to an Amazon Locker Facility. To find a locker facility near you, click here.
  2.  Install a security camera. While not full proof (according to the graphic below, 22% of package victim thefts occurred to homes with doorbell cameras), more than 85% of would-be burglars move on to another home if a security system is present.



3. Sign-up for delivery alerts. Knowing when a package will arrive, enables you to be home or at least vigilant about securing a delivery more quickly.

4.Purchase a lockbox for your porch. A package receptacle can be secured to your property for delivery services to use. There are a variety of manufacturers who have designed products in this regard, such as porchmanager.

So what if you are unfortunate enough to have a package stolen? There are several things you can do regarding a claim for reimbursement.

  • Contact the retailer who sold you the item. Many retailers will provide you with a replacement or refund, if you call and explain what happened.
  • File a claim with the delivery service. If you have no response from the retailer or they do not offer a refund or replacement. All major delivery services allow you to submit a claim for lost packages.
  • Call your credit card company. Many credit card companies provide purchase protection for items that are stolen, as long as you paid for the item using the credit card and file a claim withing the required number of days of the purchase. You may be required to file a police report. Notably, according to the Chamber of Commerce, only 18% of package theft victims filed a report with the police and fewer than 6% report that the thief was caught.
  • Talk to your insurance agent. While in most cases the theft of a package will be below your coverage deductible, if the value is great enough, it may be worth it to file a claim under your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance coverage.

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