December 28, 2013

The winter weather often means changing driving habits. Drivers in Pennsylvania often experience traffic and difficulty driving when the roads are covered in snow or ice. A driving who is traveling too fast for conditions or does not properly slow down in time for a stop sign or signal could collide with another vehicle or even a person. Because driving in winter weather poses many risks, residents will often travel by foot to avoid dangers. Although they seek to avoid an accident, pedestrians who travel near busy roads could be at risk if a driver is not driving safe for conditions.

A tragic pedestrian accident recently occurred in Altoona. Authorities presume that the winter conditions and slippery roads contributed to the crash that took the life of a 91-year-old woman. According to preliminary reports, the elderly woman was struck on 17th Street near the intersection with Grant Street.

At around 11:30 a.m. a pickup was traveling towards the pedestrian on 17th Street. When the driver saw the elderly woman, the driver attempted to slam on the brakes. This caused the truck to slide due to the wet conditions. This resulted in the truck colliding with the pedestrian.

Emergency crews were called to the scene where they assessed everyone involved. The elderly woman was pronounced dead at the scene. No injuries were reported to the driver and no charges have been filed at this time. Accident reconstruction and investigation are still ongoing. This could help authorities to determine if any negligence was involved.

If a driver is negligent and causes a collision, the driver could be liable for the resulting damages, injuries and even deaths. The loved ones of the deceased could file a wrongful death claim against the driver at fault. This could help recover compensation that would be used for any expenses associated with the fatal crash.

A pedestrian accident could end in tragedy. This makes is especially critical that those traveling in areas near pedestrians take extra precautions. This means watching speeds and remain attentive. A negligent driver could seriously impact the pedestrian and their loved one. Those affected have options and rights when it comes to filing for compensation. Those unsure about their options should seek advice in order to preserve and protect their rights and interests.

Source: WJAC, “Elderly woman struck and killed by truck,” Dec. 22, 2013