October 20, 2016

Often, victims of drunk driving accidents in Pennsylvania experience mental and emotional trauma as well as physical injuries. Many victims do not expect these additional hardships and may be blindsided by their symptoms. Some of these unexpected psychological effects include mental health problems, severe depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, symptoms.

If the drunk driver responsible for the accident has been arrested, he or she will likely face criminal charges, but this may not be enough to help victims find closure. Our Bucks County-based law firm has dealt with many drunk driving accident victims and have seen how pursuing civil action against the responsible party has helped them cope. Below are just a few of the ways taking legal action independently of the criminal charges against the driver has helped our clients move forward.

— Personally holding drunk drivers responsible for their actions returns a measure of control to the victims

— Taking action on a personal level removes some of the helplessness and frustration many victims feel after the accident

— Victims often feel a deep sense of personal satisfaction by attempting to ensure the driver did not get away with his or her negligent actions

— Closing the door on the matter once and for all helps accident victims move forward with their lives

The psychological effects of drunk driving accidents are unique to each victim. As attorneys, we believe in the personal power the Pennsylvania legal system can provide to victims of all kinds of accidents. While the financial compensation victims may acquire by taking action is important, the psychological recovery they experience is the most satisfying outcome of a civil suit. We invite you to read more about your options after a drunk driving accident on our website.