Debunking the Top Five Most Common Legal Myths

May 28, 2021

The laws, rules, and regulations that govern our lives can be difficult to comprehend, let alone understand. Statutes, whether they’re on the municipal, state, or federal level, are typically drafted in complicated language, full of legalese and often incorporating and referring to numerous other code sections — some of which are nearly impossible to find, and are equally as vague. And unless you have a law degree, trying to understand certain case opinions is a tall order. 

That said, when the law is so easy to misinterpret, it becomes nearly impossible to adhere to. Fortunately, the Bethlehem personal injury lawyers at Drake, Hileman & Davis are experienced and skillful enough to separate fact from fiction. Our legal team, proudly serving the great state of Pennsylvania, is happy to help you understand the law and how it affects your particular legal matter.

The Top Five Most Common Legal Myths

To help you, we’ve collected some of the more common myths regarding the law to debunk them and understand the real truth:

My injury isn’t severe enough to require an attorney. 

Not necessarily true. This is a very risky approach to your injuries. Even if your injury doesn’t appear to be serious, some injuries don’t become evident for days, weeks, or even months after an accident. A key indicator of whether you need a lawyer is to ask yourself: Are my injuries causing pain or costing me money? If so, contact us immediately before your time to file runs out.

I have to handle my claims alone because I can’t afford an attorney. 

Not true. The Bethlehem personal injury lawyers at Drake, Hileman & Davis offer free initial consultations, during which your injury and your claims can be analyzed for free.

I can deal with the insurance company on my own. 

Not true, and we encourage you not to do so. Insurance companies are just like any other company; they’re in the business of making money. One of the easiest ways to make money is to undervalue your claim. They don’t care about you or your suffering and have skills and experience well beyond that of a typical layperson.

All cases go to court.

Not true. Real-life isn’t like the murder mystery shows on television where lawyers spend all of their time in trials dramatically arguing their cases in front of an enthralled jury. Rather, lawyers spend most of their time in their offices performing routine tasks such as legal research, writing motions and trying to hammer out favorable settlement proposals. The vast majority of legal matters settle,

Personal injury cases are always long and drawn out. 

Not true. Most cases are settled before ever reaching the courtroom, and they can be settled at any time during the legal process. Our  Bethlehem personal injury lawyers understand that you have a bottom line and if you’re laid up with an injury, you need cash quickly. We’ll help you figure out the best way to get that done.

Contact the Bethlehem Personal Injury Lawyers For the Actual Facts About Your Claim

Legal myths have caused thousands of people to miss out on compensation for injuries sustained in some type of accident. Contact the Bethlehem personal injury lawyers at Drake, Hileman & Davis for your free consultation and we’ll tell you the truth about your claim.