September 22, 2016

Hopefully, you are asking this because you are a concerned Pennsylvania driver who does not want to place motorcyclists in danger. Whatever your reason, it is an excellent question and one that every motorist should be thinking about.

As people are going about the business of the day, it is all too easy to overlook motorcycles. They are smaller than cars, they are often unobtrusive and they can slip into blind spots virtually unseen. Whether you’re traveling to and from work or are simply out for a leisurely drive, road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Below are a few valuable tips to keep you and other motorists safe.

Know your blind spots: Utilize all of your mirrors and your signals to make sure the path you are choosing is clear. Motorcycles can disappear from view before you even know they are there.

Give cyclists space: Instead of relying solely on a motorcycle’s braking lights, give the cycle plenty of room to turn and stop. This also applies with turn signals. Wait a moment to make sure you know what the cyclist is about to do.

No lane hogging: A motorcycle is a vehicle just like yours. As such, their spot in the lane belongs to them. Don’t crowd or pass inside the cycle’s space.

Commercial vehicles, beware: The size of large commercial vehicles often dwarfs motorcycles. As such, drivers of these trucks and vans should practice extra caution around motorcycles.

When all drivers abide by the rules of the road and practice caution around other motorists, vehicle accidents can be reduced overall. This can also help drivers of cars and trucks avoid being named in a personal injury lawsuit filed by victims of motorcycle accidents.

Source: Direct Auto and Life Insurance, “Tips for Sharing the Road with Motorcycles,” accessed Sep. 22, 2016