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Historically Large Catastrophic Injury Verdicts

November 16, 2020

Injury verdicts can result in astronomical money awards, especially when a person has suffered severe and life-altering injury and the company responsible acted particularly reprehensible and appears at trial to be arrogant and unsympathetic.

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Historically Large Verdicts

Some of the largest verdicts in history include:

  • $150 Billion. In a nearly unbelievable case of child torture, an eight-year-old boy was sexually assaulted by a teenager, doused in gasoline, and set on fire. Although the boy initially survived, 99% of his body was covered in burns. He died shortly thereafter from skin cancer that doctors believed was connected to the fire. A sympathetic jury awarded the boy’s family $150 billion in a civil wrongful death lawsuit, which was, unfortunately, a symbolic victory because of the defendant’s lack of resources.
  • $145 Billion. In 2000, a jury awarded $144.8 billion to a class of cigarette consumers who had brought personal injury claims against Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds, and several other cigarette manufacturers. The Florida Supreme Court upheld a decision that threw out the judgment and voided what had been the largest punitive award by a jury in U.S. history, saying the jury award was “excessive as a matter of law.”
  • $28 Billion. A Los Angeles jury handed down a $28 billion award in favor of Betsy Bullock, a lifelong smoker who had sued R.J. Reynolds after contracting lung cancer. Although the 2002 award was later reduced on appeal, R.J. Reynolds’ stock price fell 7% on the news of the jury award.
  • $4.9 Billion. A Los Angeles jury awarded $4.9 billion to a family who sued General Motors after six passengers in a vehicle were disfigured when the gas tank on a 1979 Chevy Malibu, which was full, exploded in a crash. The jury award was later reduced to $1.2 billion on appeal in 1999. 
  • $2.2 Billion. A jury awarded $2.2 billion to a cancer patient after a pharmacist pled guilty to watering down chemotherapy drugs provided to the patient and 400 others in order to increase his profits. The jurors each hugged the plaintiff after awarding the verdict.

Pennsylvania Jury Verdicts and Settlements

In Pennsylvania, the talented and dedicated attorneys at Drake, Hileman & Davis are leading the way, with verdicts and settlements including $2,003,660.67, $1,673,000.00, $1,782,853,  $1,500,000, $1,073,000, $1,145,000, and $1,000,000, among dozens and dozens of others.

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