November 5, 2015

Thinking about grabbing a bite to eat while you drive to work? A lot of people do it, but some reports have linked eating and driving to an astounding 65 percent of near misses and 80 percent of car accidents. Food in the car is a huge distraction, and these types are some of the worst:

1. Hot liquid food and drinks.

This includes things like coffee, soup and chili. These are some of the very worst because a spill in the car can get everywhere and it can be painful. Plus, liquids spill very easily, even when you hit a small bump. The last thing you need is to hit a pothole, spill your coffee, and swerve into the wrong lane as you try to get it off your skin and clothes.

2. Greasy foods.

This includes hamburgers, breakfast sandwiches and things of this nature. There is the problem of grease or toppings spilling in the car. Eating these and keeping them in one piece can be quite hard. If you’re thinking more about keeping the cheese and pickles on your hamburger than keeping your car on the road, it’s a problem.

3. Ribs, chicken wings, and other foods covered in sauce.

Not only are these hard to eat without dripping, but getting the sauce on your hands could mean you only use one hand to drive. This can limit your ability to react quickly. If you do try to grab the wheel with your second hand and it’s covered in BBQ sauce or grease, it can slip off of the leather wheel cover and reduce your control over the vehicle.

Now you know what to avoid, and you also need to know what to do in Pennsylvania if another driver is eating and runs into you.

Source: The Daily Meal, “10 Foods You Should Never Let People Eat In Your Car and Why,” Lauren Gordon, accessed Nov. 05, 2015