Why Do Many Injured Plaintiffs Settle?

July 24, 2018

Negotiated settlement compromises are extremely common in the personal injury context, in both Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the country.  Though traditional wisdom once pegged the amount of settled cases at 95 percent of the total, data-driven studies have noted that the settlement rate most likely hovers between 66.9 and 87.2 percent, depending on the disputed claims at issue.

Settlement may seem an odd choice to those injury plaintiffs who are unfamiliar with the litigation process.  After all, they are agreeing to abandon the claims at-issue and accept a negotiated deal — typically less than the amount that they could have potentially secured had they succeeded at trial.

So, why is settlement such a popular choice?  There are a number of great reasons.  Let’s break them down.

Trial Litigation is Not Ideal for Many Plaintiffs

Even if you have a strong, actionable claim for damages, trial litigation may not actually be the ideal choice.  Litigation can be quite costly from a time/effort, emotional, and financial perspective.  It can also cause problems with your work or business schedule.  It’s not easy to balance your legal duties with the normalcy of your everyday life (family, friends, work, etc.).

Further, trial litigation is not private.  In fact, if you bring a claim against the defendant for damages, your trial will be open to the public — you may be subject to media scrutiny, and your reputation could be damaged, depending on the circumstances of your case.  Settlement allows you to avoid the “hassle” and privacy concerns associated with standard trial litigation.

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The attorneys here at Drake, Hileman & Davis, PC have represented injured plaintiffs throughout Pennsylvania since 1985.  Our approach to litigation is unique — we are thorough advocates, and as such, we prepare for the possibility of trial from an early stage.  This gives us a significant competitive advantage during negotiations, and in the event that settlement negotiations fail, we are well-equipped to successfully litigate the claim in court and secure a favorable verdict on behalf of our client.

This approach has brought us a lot of success over the years.  We have an extensive track record of favorable verdicts and settlements.

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