December 26, 2013

Driving at night or during the early morning hours is not uncommon for some drivers in Pennsylvania. This is especially true for truck drivers. During the holiday season these massive vehicles are utilized to make long distance shipments to deliver packages containing presents and other holiday shopping deals. This not only increases the amount of trucks on the road but the likelihood of being involved in a collision. The holiday season does not only mean sending a receiving gifts but also means winter weather. Snow and ice covered roads can make it very dangerous for any driver and a truck accident could result in very serious injuries and damage.

Authorities in Bensalem recently reported a major multi-vehicle collision that shutdown traffic going eastbound on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for several hours. According to preliminary reports, the crash occurred around 6:00 a.m. just beyond the exit for Route 1. Three commercial trucks were involved in the accident and two cars in the vicinity of the crash were affected by it but were not part of the incident.

The impact of the collision in the eastbound lanes caused one of the trucks to hit the Jersey barrier, which is used to separate the east and westbound lanes of traffic. This caused pieces of concrete to fly into the westbound lanes. Traffic had to be reduced to one lane to avoid additional accidents.

Emergency crews arrived to the scene and assessed those involved. Two drivers were transported to the hospital for monitoring and treatment. One was observed and no injuries were reported. The other driver suffered a leg fracture and cuts to his face.

The truck accident remains under investigation and no charges have been filed at this time. Once authorities determine cause, they might be able to allocate any liability or negligence. If a driver was negligent and caused an accident, that driver could be liable for the resulting injuries and damages. Those injured could file a personal injury claim against the driver at fault. This could result in compensation that could be used to cover medical bills, damages and other expenses.

A truck accident is often considered a very serious collision due to the massive size of the vehicles. They will often destroy a vehicle they collide with and could cause serious injuries and even fatalities. Those affected by a negligent truck driver should understand that they have rights.

Source: WPVI, “Pennsylvania Turnpike reopens after multi-truck crash,” Dec. 20, 2013