If you need mature and experienced criminal defense counsel, contact Tom Blackburn of Drake Hileman and Davis.  Tom has been defending criminal cases for over twenty years, and his office is located only minutes from the courthouse. Prior to this job, he spent more than four years as a prosecutor in the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

Tom’s experience and knowledge will guide your decision process in the early phases of the case, so that you can either prepare to defend yourself in court on the merits, or you can prepare to place yourself in the best position in the eyes of the Court. The decisions that you make early in the case are critical.  When do you exercise your right to remain silent?  Is it in your best interest to cooperate with the police. Are their effective aggressive strategies that can place the the alleged victim or perhaps the police on edge, raising questions of credibility of your accusers? Criminal attorney Tom Blackburn is prepared to navigate your case through these difficult issues.


By far the most frequently prosecuted crime in the counties is Driving Under the Influence. An extra bottle of beer here, or an extra glass of wine there, can unfortunately result in a serious life changing event. This mistake can affect not only cause potential accident victims, but also significant financial loss.  Moreover, you can lose your license to drive, your employability, and your relationships can suffer.  Depending upon your prior criminal history, you may still be able to avoid many of the harsh penalties ascribed to this charge.  ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) is an opportunity that may be available to you. This outcome would not only limit the criminal penalties applicable to DUI, but it also may enable you to avoid a conviction,  and in the future also have your record expunged.


Applicable Law has recently been revised to increase the possibility of having your criminal record expunged. These recent changes can apply to significant offenses such as non violent felonies, but to a greater extent they apply to lesser offenses such as misdemeanors and summaries. A conviction on your criminal record can have a debilitating effect on your ability to get a good job or get into school. Please schedule a consultation to review your record so that we can determine whether or not an expungement petition would be appropriate in your case.  If we file such a petition, we may be able to expunge portions, if not all, of your criminal record.  Other offenses can be sealed after a substantial waiting period, so that future employers will not be able to visualize your prior convictions that may have happened decades ago and that no longer should be preventing you from employment opportunities.

Doylestown Criminal Defense Attorney Tom Blackburn Can Help You

If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney in Bucks County, please call 215-348-2088, and ask to speak with Tom Blackburn at Drake, Hileman and Davis. You can also contact us online now to schedule a consultation to discuss your case and prepare a strategy that will best protect your interests.