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Wrongful Death Claims

A wrongful death claim is generally brought by the loved ones of a person who was killed by the negligent, reckless or intentional conduct of another. A wrongful death claim can arise under many different circumstances and you should consult with a Doylestown wrongful death attorney about the passing of your loved one. Wrongful death claims in Doylestown commonly arise from the occurrence of automobile accidents, some form of criminal activity, defective products and even medical mistakes and negligence.

Claims for Medical Injuries. Medical injuries can and have led to untimely deaths. These types of claims happen far too often and it is important that you have an experienced legal and medical team working with you and your family. It is critical that we get involved as quickly as possible to ensure that evidence is properly maintained and the proper parties are held liable for the wrongful death.

Bringing a Wrongful Death Claim in Doylestown

A wrongful death claim can be brought by many different people who had a special relationship with the deceased.

  • Surviving Spouse. A husband or wife of the deceased is entitled to bring a wrongful death claim. This may include instances where the marriage was never formalized, but where a court finds that surviving spouse had a good faith belief that the marriage was valid. Furthermore, domestic partners have standing to bring wrongful death claims.
  • Children. The children of the deceased have standing to bring a wrongful death claim. This can include adopted children and even children were not biological or adopted children of the deceased but who relied on the deceased for support.
  • Dependent Parent. If a parent relied on the deceased for support, then he or she has standing to bring a wrongful death claim.
  • Personal Representative. Those who were chosen to represent the deceased and his or her affairs (estate management) may also have standing to bring a wrongful death claim. This can include designated heirs of the deceased who expected to receive all or a portion of the deceased’s estate.

The ability to bring a wrongful death claim is not always clear. That said, we encourage individuals in Doylestown to work with an experienced wrongful death attorney to ensure that your claim is proper and handled in an appropriate manner.

Defenses to Wrongful Death Claims

There are several defenses that may be raised to prevent you and your family from getting the compensation that you deserve for your loss. It is very important to respond to all the defenses that are raised, such as the following:

  • Statute of Limitations. Too much time has passed since the death and the claimant is statutorily barred from bringing the claim.
  • Contributory and Comparative Negligence. The deceased caused or contributed to his or her own death.
  • Causation. Something else caused the death.

Again, there are numerous additional defenses that may be raised and it is important to respond properly.

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