Property Owners and Vicious Animals

January 6, 2017

Owners of vicious animals that harm innocent people should be held responsible for those injuries.  If you have been attacked by a vicious animal contact us online or call Drake, Hileman & Davis, PC at 888-777-7098 to discuss your rights and options under the law.

Dog Bite Statistics

According to public education website, 34 dog bite-related fatalities occurred in the U.S. in 2015. Most of the attacks came from breeds that have historically been bred for protection, such as pit bulls and Rottweilers. also reports that in 2015, a large percentage of the fatality victims were children 9 years of age and younger. A much smaller percentage were adults under the age of 60.  However, the percentage of fatal attacks by dogs jumped up again for those 60 years old and older.

These statistics show that those who are generally least able to protect themselves, but also least likely to be trespassers or criminals, are those most likely to be attacked and killed by dogs.

Dog attacks can occur almost anywhere and with any type of dog.  However, dog ownership information for 2015 showed that non-family dogs inflicted the most dog bite fatalities and over two-thirds of all deaths occurred on the dog owner’s property.

Dogs tend to be products of their environments and they are often misused and abused to become vicious.  When a property owner trains an animal to attack strangers, he or she must take steps to ensure that other innocent people do not get injured.  For example, animals trained to protect property should be kept in fenced areas or otherwise away from people.

People who train dogs or other animals to protect property are taking on great responsibility.  Unfortunately, many people do not know how to properly train these animals.  In fact, the non-profit organization reports that the odds that a victim of a fatal dog attack will be a burglar are 1 in 177.  The odds that it will be a child are 7 in 10.

Securing Vicious Animals

Vicious animals must be kept away from innocent people.  You and your loved ones should not suffer because someone trained, abused or neglected an animal to the point where the animal became a threat to others.

Animals that have been trained to attack must be kept in secure locations.  The owners are responsible for ensuring that the animal does not escape, which means they must inspect any enclosures or restraints that have been placed on the animal.  In the presence of others, the owner must make sure the vicious animal remains constrained and unable to harm others.  Owners must also give others fair warning (for example, “dangerous dog” signs) that there is the potential of an attack.

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