October 28, 2016

Taxi accidents occur all over America, and Bucks County is no exception. People use taxis because they are a convenient one-phone-call solution to their transportation needs. With this in mind, taxi companies offer residents a valuable service while also providing employment opportunities for many individuals.

It is probably safe to assume that most taxi drivers are responsible, cautious individuals, but this does not automatically guarantee an accident-free ride. Like other commercial vehicle accident victims, those who have been injured in a taxi accident may face many complications when seeking compensation. For example, who is the responsible party — the driver of the cab or the taxi company? What happens if the driver of another car is actually the person who caused the accident? What if the manufacturer of the taxi cab is the true responsible party?

Our personal injury attorneys have handled many taxi accident cases and want to let you know that having legal assistance is important in emerging from your ordeal with the compensation you deserve. We are knowledgeable about the laws that govern common carrier and commercial vehicle accidents and can identify the responsible party or parties. We seek to help you win the maximum compensation allowed by the law.

Whether your taxi accident was caused by reckless driving, poor taxi maintenance or irresponsible company operating procedures, you have options for relief at your disposal. We have a number of commercial vehicle accident resources published on our website. We invite you to visit our site to learn more about your legal options after being involved in a taxi accident.