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Living in Bethlehem and the surrounding Lehigh Valley means enjoying long strolls along sidewalks adjacent to tree-lined streets. From Moravian College and the Historic District to Lehigh University and the South Side, the city of Bethlehem is very inviting to pedestrian travel. However, walking in and about the city can create some particular challenges especially at night and in the winter months. At night, it can be difficult to navigate the slate slabs that are used for sidewalks, hiding deviations in height from one slab to the next, as tree roots tend to push-up the walkways. Additionally, in the winter months, property owners often fail to keep the sidewalks as clear as they should. When you trip and fall or slip and fall, due to someone else’s carelessness, it is hard to know what to do. Don’t try to figure it out on your own — turn to the experienced Bethlehem slip and fall lawyers at our firm. 

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Our Bethlehem Slip and Fall Lawyers Explain Your First Step After an Accident

If you slip and fall outside of a business or residence, you should try to report the dangerous condition as soon as possible, if you are able, so that the landowner can take steps to correct the condition and someone else does not become injured. This can be difficult if you are unable to stand up and must be emergently transported from the scene. However, the hope is that the emergency personnel or the police responding to the scene will be able to notify the responsible party of the dangerous condition of the property. If you are unable to notify the property owner, taking a picture of the dangerous condition can be helpful in reporting the condition thereafter.

If you or someone you care about has been injured due to the negligence of another, we encourage you to contact the Bethlehem slip and fall lawyers at Drake, Hileman & Davis. Our consultation about your case is free and there is no fee or cost to you until we are able to obtain a recovery on your behalf. For your free case evaluation, you can contact us at 610-882-1717 or use the online form to the right of this page.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries?

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common accidents experienced by their unfortunate victims. These accidents often result from someone else’s negligence or failure to maintain a safe environment on their property.

Some of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents include:

  • Inadequate Safety Maintenance. When a property owner fails to safely maintain their property, visitors are often the victims of slip and fall accidents. In particular, unsafe working environments, such as construction sites, are also the cause of numerous work-related slip and fall injuries.
  • Environmental Conditions. Dangerous environmental conditions are also responsible for a large number of slip and fall accidents. These conditions may include debris on floors, poor lighting, cables running across walkways, and even open desk drawers or misplaced furniture.
  • Particular Industries. Some industry workplaces or professions, such as construction, restaurants, custodial, and factories, are simply more prone to slip and fall accidents than others. 
  • Flooring Conditions. Uneven and wet floors, and even transitions from one type of flooring to another type, such as hardwood to carpeting, often cause slip and fall accidents, especially for people who are otherwise engaged while walking. This list includes soapy or greasy floors, uncleaned spills, and frozen outdoor walkways.
  • Unsafe Ladders and Stairs. Broken or defective ladders and improper ladder use, as well as uneven or defective stairways, including the lack of or broken handrails, cause hundreds of slip and fall accidents, resulting in minor to severe injuries.
  • Improper Training. Many work areas expose workers to unsafe conditions. Employers that don’t provide proper on-the-job training may be exposed to liability for slip and fall accidents.
  • Improper Footwear. A high percentage of slip and fall accidents are caused by improper footwear, including high, spiked heels, sneakers, and even work boots that don’t provide proper traction.

Injuries Caused by Slip and Falls

Many times when you are injured in a slip and fall accident, it is a serious injury involving a fracture, dislocation, or tear. Frequently, we have seen broken ankles and hips, torn meniscus and ligaments, as well as fractured elbows and Humerus bones, together with torn rotator cuffs. The reality with some of these injuries is that surgery is usually involved and the recovery is often lengthy. Certain falls can also lead to a person hitting their head and suffering from a TBI or fatal head injury. 

When someone falls, they immediately want to get right back up. Frequently they are embarrassed and just want to get back to their home or car, with the hope that nothing serious happened. Unfortunately, as much as someone can wish they were not injured, just wishing doesn’t make it so.

The slip and fall lawyers at Drake, Hileman & Davis understand the serious impact on work and family life that these slip and fall injuries can have. We know how to obtain medical payment insurance to pay for medical treatment. We are able to locate the owners of the property and obtain the liability insurance company information, even when it may not be readily apparent or available.

Slip & Fall FAQs

What is considered a “slip and fall” accident under the law?

Slip, trip, and fall cases constitute a specific area of personal injury law that falls under the umbrella of premises liability. A slip, trip, and fall lawsuit is generally the result of a person being injured because of a fall, trip, or slip that occurred due to the negligence of another. These accidents can cause significant injuries for which the injured party is entitled to receive compensation. 

Does it matter if I am at work when I slip and fall?

In short, yes, it does matter if you are at work when you slip and fall. Your recovery for an injury while received at your place of employment may be limited to worker’s compensation to the extent your employer is liable. This does not mean, however, that you are not able to pursue any other party that may be responsible. This is a matter you should address with your Bethlehem slip and fall lawyers.

Who can I sue in my slip and fall case?

Who you are able to sue for recovery for the injuries you sustained in your slip and fall case will depend on your particular circumstances and will be addressed by your attorney. Examples of who may be sued include:

  • The property owner
  • The property owner’s insurance company
  • The person or entity renting the property
  • The company responsible for the maintenance of the property
  • The person or company that designed the property 

Do I have to file my lawsuit within a certain amount of time?

Generally speaking, Pennsylvania has a two-year statute of limitations. This means that you have two years from the date that your injury occurred to file a lawsuit. Because of this, and because it will take your Bethlehem slip and fall lawyers time to prepare your case, you should not delay in obtaining an attorney for your slip and fall case. 

There are some limited exceptions to the two-year statute of limitations that your attorney can address with you. 

What types of damages can I recover in my slip and fall case?

If you are successful in proving that you were 50% or less responsible for your injuries and other damages, you may be able to recover the following:

  • Costs of your present and future medical care that are a result of the accident
  • Loss of income and other benefits
  • Costs of medications and any equipment you need due to the accident

Your Bethlehem slip and fall lawyers may also be able to recover non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life on your behalf.

How long will it take to recover damages in my slip and fall case?

There are a lot of factors that determine the length of time it will take to conclude your lawsuit. One of the most important is how amenable the defendant and their counsel are. If they are willing to negotiate with you and your slip and fall attorney, it will not take as long as it will if you must go to trial. 

Hire the Best Bethlehem Slip and Fall Lawyers For Your Case

If you have been injured due to a slip, trip, or fall accident or lost a loved one in a fatal accident, call the law team at Drake, Hileman & Davis. Our Bethlehem slip and fall lawyers are ready to identify the issues in your case and determine how best we can help you. Call us at 610-882-1717 or complete the online form to the right of this page. Once we have spoken with you over the telephone or via email, we will then set up an appointment to review your case in person. Remember there is never any fee charged for our services until we are able to recover compensation for you. If there is no recovery, you don’t owe us anything. We’ve been helping your neighbors for more than a quarter of a century. We are ready to help you.

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