Bethlehem is a great city! It has wonderful neighborhoods and the strong tradition of elite academic institutions like Lehigh, Muhlenburg and Moravian. It has outstanding cultural events like Musikfest and the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. It possesses unique and first rate venues such as the Steel Stacks and the Sands Casino.

Most of the time these cultural venues represent an opportunity for fun, laughs and enrichment.  But in rare circumstances these venues and activities can unfortunately became a draw for poor decision making, which can then lead to criminal activity.

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A number of cases in this great city have included the element of surprise. The crime for  our clients were ultimately charged were not in way contemplated or anticipated.

A young man in his twenties in the process of moving from New England to the Southwest, driving his pick-up with all his worldly possessions and decides to sleep for the night in a Bethlehem hotel.  He goes out for a couple of drinks, encounters people that he thought would be friendly, and he wakes up, after having been drugged, totally disoriented, in the living room of a city residence, surrounded by police.

Another tourist had a couple of hours free and rode to the Steel Stacks on his bike.  Unfortunately for him, a gate was left open up into the Stacks, and since he was a photographer, he thought it would be appropriate to explore and take pictures.  When he returned to his bike, he was surprised to meet a few officers who did not appreciate his curiosity.

College students exemplify this notion of the unanticipated criminal.  Ace an engineering exam in the afternoon, and find yourself looking at the walls of a cell the next morning.

This can happen to anyone, and when it does, you need a strong and mature <a href=””>criminal defense attorney</a> to guide you through the legal system to secure a result that will have minimal, if any, long term effect on your record.

Many of you are proud parents of children who have accomplished much as teenagers either academically, aesthetically, athletically, and personally. There is no question of your proper pride for pride for these accomplishments.

Attorney Tom Blackburn’s experience and knowledge will guide your decision process in the early phases of the case, so that you can either prepare to defend yourself in court on the merits, or you can prepare to place yourself in the best position in the eyes of the Court.  The decisions that you make early in the care are critical.  Do you exercise your right to remain silent?  To what extent is it in your best interest to cooperate with the police.  Is there a way to take an offensive strategy when you have wrongfully accused.  In all of these situations you need experienced counsel to navigate these tough issues.

It is no surprise that the most frequently prosecuted crime is Driving Under the Influence.  This mistake can have disastrous  effects not only on potential injury victims, but also on  your wallet, your ability to drive, your employability, and your relationships.  Frequently, depending upon your prior criminal history, you may be able to avoid many of the harsh penalties ascribed to this charge.  ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) is an opportunity that may be available to you, which would not only limit penalties applicable to DUI, but you may also be able to avoid a conviction, and also have your record expunged in the future, provided that you successfully complete the program.

Pennsylvania Law has recently changed to expand the opportunities to have your criminal record expunged.   To a limited extent these expungements can apply to significant offenses such as felonies, but to a greater extent they apply to lesser offenses such as misdemeanors and summaries. These records can have a debilitating effect on your ability to get a good job or get into school. By reviewing your history and filing a petition with the court, we may be able to erase portions, if not all,  of your criminal history. In addition to this, other crimes, after a substantial waiting period, can be sealed, so that future employers will not be able to access your history.

You Need a Bethlehem Criminal Defense Attorney
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