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Motor vehicle accidents in Stroudsburg and Monroe County are on the rise.  The motor vehicle traffic-related death rate for Monroe County is higher than the average in the United States and twice as high as the Pennsylvania state-wide average. While in recent years, there has been some decline in Monroe County’s population,  growth from 2000 through 2010 in Monroe County was recorded as one of top three Counties in the State (together with Forrest and Pike Counties). If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you need a team of auto accident attorneys who are familiar with the way insurance company’s operate are able to guide your claim for injuries quickly and thoroughly through the claim process.   At Drake, Hileman & Davis, a Stroudsburg motor vehicle accident attorney is ready to help you sort through the facts of your case, in order to determine the best way to proceed toward a resolution of your claim.

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A High Volume Commute Leads to More Accidents

Demographically, many people were moving to the Pocono’s from New York and New Jersey—looking for more affordable housing, a slower pace of life, and lower taxes.  One of the effects of increased population growth, from those who continue to work in New York City, while living in Monroe County, has been the increase in commuter and commercial bus traffic.   At present, there are approximately 60 buses that leave each day from Monroe County (From Broadheadsville, Effort, Stroudsburg/Delaware Water Gap, Tobyhanna and Mt. Pocono)  to NYC (to the Port Authority, Wall Street & Downtown , as well as Uptown & Midtown).

With this increase in commuting from Monroe County to NYC, comes interest in ride-sharing, either to the closest bus terminal or for the entire trip into the City.  Unfortunately, many drivers do not realize that they may jeopardize their insurance coverage, if have an accident while transporting someone “for hire”.   Sharing the cost of gas is one thing, but actually paying for someone to drive you is considered by the insurance companies to be something completely different.

It is important that before you start serving as a “taxi-service” for neighbors and co-workers, that you make sure your insurance coverage is available for such uses of your personal automobile.  While it may sound strange that such an act of conservation would cause insurance complications, the same is true for vehicles used in part-time employment to delivery newspapers or pizzas.  Insurance companies just don’t like it when a car they insure is being used for a purpose for which they are not aware.


Because many residents of Stroudsburg and Monroe County are commuting to New York City, we have had many clients who have been injured during the course of their commute.   Significantly, the motor vehicle accident laws differ from Pennsylvania to New Jersey to New York.  So depending in which State your automobile collision occurred, your ability to recover could be greatly impacted.

This is especially so with regard to New Jersey’s “Deemer Statute”, which deems or rules by default that residents of Pennsylvania to have elected a lesser automobile insurance coverage if their insurance company does business in New Jersey.

If you are a Pennsylvania resident involved in a motor vehicle accident during your commute, you need a team of personal injury accident attorneys who are able to help you navigate through the complex aspects of insurance coverage, in order to ensure that you are receiving all that you are entitled to under the law of each state.  At Drake, Hileman & Davis, our personal injury attorneys have the skill and qualifications necessary to handle these motor vehicle accidents which occur during a work commute.


While car collisions can occur to anyone in and around Stroudsburg and in Monroe County, the impact on those who commute to New York City to work can be particularly problematic.  Typically, motor vehicle accident injuries affect one’s ability to travel, to ride in a car or to ride on a bus.  If you are commuting to NYC, this can be a real detriment to getting back to work in a timely fashion.  Auto insurance policies in Pennsylvania provide an option for wage loss coverage, which is available to an insured who misses more than five days of work.  Unfortunately, the amount of coverage offered is frequently not enough to pay the bills and expenses that continue to add-up, while no income from employment is being earned.  Additionally, many out-of-state union employees are prohibited by their local union from taking a part-time job in Pennsylvania, during the time-period their body needs to heal.  Moreover, there is typically no “light duty” work available in the union for those not injured on the job. These factors create a difficult scenario for those who live in Monroe County but work out-of-state.

Because insurance companies always seem to try to find a way out of paying on a claim, you need a team of personal injury accident attorneys with the knowledge and skill to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are treated fairly.   In a system where the insurance company does everything it can to minimize your claim, you need a team on your side pushing back.  Interestingly, we have been retained by some local Stroudsburg and Monroe County clients, because they wanted a personal injury law firm that was knowledgeable about the area, but was not beholden to the some of the connected relationships that exist in a small town atmosphere.  Our clients have great concern that the system will treat them fairly and not in a manner that smells of small town politics.  As a firm that maintains offices in Allentown, Easton and Doylestown, in addition to Stroudsburg, our clients are able to retain a regional law firm, without losing that personal service that comes with local representation.

At Drake, Hileman & Davis, for more than 30 years, we have been helping those injured in automobile accidents in Stroudsburg and Monroe County.  If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident, we are ready to help you.


Unfortunately, in handling motor vehicle accident cases in Stroudsburg and Monroe County for more than 30 years, we have represented many people who have suffered serious car accident injuries as well as family members of those that did not survive their injuries.  While we would like to think that there is a common cause that could be eliminated in order to prevent serious injuries and death as a result of car crashes, there is no such common thread that weaves these cases together.  Sometimes it is the inexperience of the driver; sometimes alcohol or drugs are involved; sometimes it is speed; and sometimes it is simply inattentiveness to the condition of the roadway or the color of a traffic light.

Whatever the reason for the collision the losses caused by a car crash can be devastating and permanent.  At Drake, Hileman & Davis, we strive to serve our clients with compassion during this most difficult time.  While not ever client provides us with feedback regarding our services, many have.  Please see the link below, to have a better appreciation regarding how our clients feel about the “personal” service we provide while handling their personal injury claim.

While we strive to provide competency and compassion to our clients, in car accidents involving death, you also need a team of attorneys who are able to explain to you the difference between Wrongful Death and Survival Actions—these are two distinct causes of action to be pursued. You will also want a team on attorneys on your side, who can counsel you on the tax implications of each type of action and who know the process of obtaining approvals from the necessary government departments, as well as the courts, prior to making distribution to the heirs and beneficiaries of the deceased loved one.


Serving our clients well, also means being able to recover the most we are able from the responsible parties.  Sometimes the available insurance is not enough for the injuries sustained.  At times, when the tortfeasor (responsible party) has personal assets, we have sued to have the tortfeasor contribute their own resources to compensate the victim’s family.  Other times, due to the tenaciousness of our approach, we have been able to identify other insurance policies under which a recovery could be made.

The link below, provides you with some of our recent verdicts, settlements and awards.

Whatever the circumstance you face, when a loved one has been lost due to the carelessness and recklessness of another, you need the team of personal injury accident lawyers of Drake, Hileman & Davis.  We have been helping your neighbors for more than 30 years and we are ready to help you.   Call us at 570-421-8119 or use the contact form to the right of your screen, in order to set-up a a free consultation with a Stroudsburg motor vehicle accident attorney in our Stroudsburg office or in the convenience of your home.  We never charge a fee, unless we are able to obtain a recovery on your behalf.

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