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While Stroudsburg has a great downtown walking district, the sidewalks at some locations are uneven and during the winter months the snow removal can be spotty. Additionally, some downspouts drain directly onto the sidewalk. During times of melting and refreezing these downspouts cause black ice to spread across pedestrian pathways. Fortunately, many of these defects can be corrected. Unfortunately, many business and homeowners are thinking more about the cost to correct these defects than about the safety of pedestrians. If you’ve had an accident, you should speak with one of our top Stroudsburg slip and fall lawyers. Call our office at (570) 421-8119 for a no-risk, no-obligation consultation.

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Indoors Slip and Fall Cases

In addition to falls that occur outside, with the rise of big box stores in and around Stroudsburg and Monroe County, pedestrians have to contend with hazardous conditions inside business as well. Frequently, the team of personal injury attorneys at Drake, Hileman & Davis has been called upon to help those who have been injured due to negligently stacked shelves, dangerous floor displays or due wet floors.

In an effort to cut costs, some stores operate with very minimal staff. While a minimal staff can be great for the store’s financial bottom line, it can prove devastating regarding routine inspections and maintenance issues throughout a shift.   When the important work of inspecting the sales floor and mopping wet floors is neglected or left to the end of a shift, people can be injured.

Many stores now have video surveillance which can capture the details of a fall, however, camera angles are never perfect and even with video footage, it is frequently difficult to see substances on the floor.  Given the limitations associated with video surveillance, it can be very important for someone to take pictures of whatever it was that caused the fall.  These photographs will help aid in the understanding of what happened and ultimately prove your case.

Frequently, most big-box and national chain stores will have “incident reports” that are to be completed whenever an injury occurs on the business property.  It is extremely important that these “first reports” are completed accurately.  Unfortunately, we have seen reports where the store manager injects his or her own personal opinions and the full scope of what happened is not accurately reported.   It is very important to identify it was that caused the fall to occur.  Oddly, rare is the case where the customer is able to retain a copy of this “first report”.  Sometimes, store managers are more concerned in getting each blank on the form filled out, that they fail to address the medical concerns of the one who was injured.

Serious Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and Fall injuries can range from minor bruising, to torn ligaments and broken bones.  Often surgery is required to repair the most serious of injuries.  Who pays all these medical bills?  Do all the bills go to the store to pay?  Do your doctors bill your personal health insurance?  What about all your copays and deductibles?  How will you pay all that?

For more than 30 years, our team of personal injury accident attorneys at Drake, Hileman & Davis has been representing residents of Stroudsburg and Monroe County due to injuries caused by trip, slip and fall accidents.  If you have questions like those noted above, call us and we will be happy to discuss the merits of your case with you.  Our consultations are free and if we take on your case, there is no fee until and unless we recover for you.  Our fees are always contingent, so that there is no risk to you.

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If you have any questions about a trip and fall or a slip and fall accident, contact the team of personal injury accident attorneys at Drake, Hileman & Davis.  You can reach us at 570-421-8119 or using our contact form. We can then schedule a free consultation at our Stroudsburg office on in the convenience of your home.  We’ve been helping your neighbors for more than a quarter of a century.  We are ready to help you.

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