How To Prevent Slips and Falls in Easton While Attending Football Games

Aug 31, 2022 - Slip and Fall

It’s finally football season. Summer practice sessions are finally over, the temperature is cooling down and excitement is in the air in Easton. Whether you cheer for your favorite team on Friday nights or Saturday afternoons, this is a very good time of year.

But, while going to football games can be fun, it can also be dangerous. Slips and falls at high school and college football stadiums are common, and in some cases, these accidents can result in serious injuries. To help make sure you can attend games all season long, here are some tips for avoiding slip and fall injuries:

10 Tips for Avoiding Slips and Falls at Football Stadiums in Easton

1. Check the Weather (and Dress Accordingly)

Before going to a football game in Easton, it is always a good idea to check the weather. If the forecast calls for rain, snow or ice, be sure to dress accordingly. This includes wearing shoes or boots that give you plenty of grip. Wearing slippery shoes when you will be walking on slippery asphalt, concrete or metal bleachers can be a recipe for disaster.

2. Get To the Stadium Early

To avoid the crowds, try to get to the stadium early. If there are fewer people around you, you will have better visibility, and this means you will be more likely to notice any hazards that might cause you to slip and fall. Additionally, if the venue has treated its parking lot and sidewalks for snow or ice, the newly-treated surface could become more dangerous once throngs of fans have walked through.

3. Watch for Hazards in the Parking Lot

During football games, slip and fall hazards don’t just exist in the stadium. Hazards also exist in the parking lot. Puddles, spills, oil and coolant, smooth asphalt, and other parking lot hazards can—and frequently do—lead to slip and fall accidents.

4. Be Careful Going Up and Down Stairs and Stands

Once you are in the stadium, you will want to be careful going up and down the stairs and climbing the stands. Puddles, spills, and slippery walking surfaces are very real risks here as well. Use the handrails and guardrails as necessary, be patient if there are other fans in front of you, and avoid rushing to get to your seat or get in line at the concession stand or bathroom.  

5. Don’t Lean On Handrails or Guardrails

While you should use the stadium’s handrails and guardrails as necessary, you should try not to lean on them. While the stadium’s handrails and guardrails should be safe and secure, they might not be. Additionally, if you lean on your chest or back, this takes the weight off of your feet, and this increases the risk that the soles of your shoes or boots will lose traction.

6. Don’t Follow Too Closely

Whether you are waiting in line to enter the stadium, trying to get to your seats, attempting to get food or go to the bathroom between quarters, or getting back to your car, leave some room between yourself and the people in front of you. This will allow you to maintain some visibility, and it will give you some room to move freely if you get bumped by someone following too closely behind.

7. Try To Avoid Puddles and Spills

Regardless of where you are in the stadium, you should be on the lookout for puddles and spills. Puddles can remain long after it rains or snows, and spills will continue to occur throughout the game.

8. Try To Avoid Pedestrian Traffic Jams

The larger pedestrian traffic jams get, the more dangerous they become. If you see a traffic jam at the turnstile or in the concourse, see if you can find a different line or an alternate route that will allow you to proceed to your destination more quickly and safely.

9. Exercise Caution Around Snow and Ice

As fall turns to winter in Easton, the likelihood of snow and ice during football games becomes relatively high. Snow and ice present significant slip and fall risks, and while stadium operators should do what they can to keep fans safe, they don’t always do enough, and in extreme weather conditions, they can’t always keep pace.

10. Avoid Fans Who Are Clearly Intoxicated

Finally, if you encounter a fan who is clearly intoxicated, do your best to keep your distance. You never know what a drunk fan will do, and if a drunk fan makes a poor decision or loses his or her balance, you could find yourself dealing with the consequences. Stumbling, being belligerent, slurring words and yelling excessively are all potential signs that a football fan may have had too much to drink.

What To Do if You Are Injured at a Football Game in Easton

Let’s say you do your best to avoid injuries at the stadium, but you still end up getting injured in a slip-and-fall accident at a football game in Easton. If this happens, you should try to:  

  • Take photos and videos of the area where you fell
  • Report the accident at the stadium if possible
  • Seek medical attention promptly (even if this means leaving the game early)
  • Write down the names of any friends or family members who were at the game with you
  • Talk to a lawyer about your legal rights

Contact Us for a Free Consultation About Your Slip and Fall Accident in Easton

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident at a football game in Easton, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation. We also have offices in Doylestown, Allentown, Bethlehem and Stroudsburg. Our lawyers can explain your legal rights, and if you have a claim, we can fight to recover the financial compensation you deserve. To schedule an appointment as soon as possible, please call 888-777-7098 or tell us how we can reach you online today.

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