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Jun 12, 2013 - Pedestrian Accidents

Whether a driver or a pedestrian, Pennsylvania residents understand that there are risks present when someone is on or near the roadway. In certain areas, drivers can expect to reduce their speeds and stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. Likewise, pedestrians assume the responsibility to make sure it is safe to cross the road. Although precautions are taken, pedestrian accidents can still occur. The results of these collisions are often tragic resulting in serious injuries, severe damages and even fatalities.

While crossing the street in a marked crosswalk, a vehicle recently struck a 17-year-old girl. The collision occurred at around 7:15 a.m. when the Waynesboro man failed to yield to a pedestrian at the intersection of West Main Street and Fairview Avenue. Reports indicate that the young girl was crossing the streets near a rapid flashing beacon that was recently installed in the area.

Emergency crews responded to the crash and transported the girl to the hospital for treatment of her serious injuries. No injuries were reported to the driver. Following this incident, town members met about relocating a utility pole and removing three trees in order to provide better visibility for drivers when they near the crosswalk. Although it has been indicated that adjustments for this crosswalk need to be made, the beacon was rapidly flashing at the time of this accident, which resulted in the driver being charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian’s right of way.

A person injured in a pedestrian accident like this could file a personal injury claim in order to receive compensation for the injuries they suffered. The reward from the suit could cover medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, damages and pain and suffering.

Any accident can end tragically with serious injuries or fatalities, but a pedestrian accident will commonly result in serious injuries suffered by the pedestrian. Although both pedestrians and drivers owe a duty and should take precaution, a person will not be able to stand up to a vehicle, especially if the driver does not see them. Both pedestrians and drivers should use caution and be on the lookout for each other near busy streets where both frequently travel.

Source: The Record Herald, “Waynesboro man is cited in May 20 pedestrian accident,” author, date

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